HeyChy CUTE X Massage Gun Review – Mini but Powerful

Massage guns have become extremely popular in the last year, and while there is no conclusive scientific evidence of their efficacy, many people find them to be a useful tool in their daily lives. I used a few guns myself and was satisfied with their performance. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Cute X mini massage gun by HeyChy. It was much more “mini” than what I expected.

Unboxing & Testing

After unpacking the HeyChy mini massage gun, a small and portable box appears. The entire machine weighs 1.1 pounds (498 g) and is simple to operate. It is comfortable and does not leave you feeling numb for an extended period of time due to its small size, excellent size control, and skin-friendly feel. It has a round and compact body design with a high-grade and textured surface design and a good-looking appearance.

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It is appropriate for a wide range of people and situations, including gyms, offices, and travel scenarios.

In terms of its colors to choose from, the HeyChy Min massage gun comes in three different colors: gray, red, and green.


Features & Performance

The foundation of massage guns is torque and hitting depth. Most merchants incorrectly mark such key values or fail to mention them at all. The Hypervolt Go 2, a minigun, for example, does not explicitly state these parameters. But HeyChy is unique. They will conduct laboratory testing on each product to obtain more precise parameters and data.


HeyChy mini massage gun has a 7 mm hitting depth, making it ideal for daily light and moderate sports massage. It has a high-torque brushless motor and a stall torque of 230 mNm. This parameter is not mentioned in the majority of other brands’ massage guns. Its maximum motor speed is 3000 rpm, and its maximum thrust is 30 lbs. The thrust performance is comparable to that of many large guns, and the output is consistent and powerful.


Compared with the $169 price of Hypervolt Go 2, HeyChy mini massage gun has a clear price advantage, the original price is only $89.99. You can buy from the link below.

HeyChy mini massage gun- A quality massage gun at a good price!

(You can buy here ($59.99) with the coupon $30)

This Muscle Massage Gun is specially equipped with a 3C Power Battery. Compared with other products, it has a 3X discharge rate for the power supply. At the same time, the 2600mAh battery capacity allows it to be used continuously for 10 hours.
Besides, it can be charged by USB (type-c) with a 5V/2A adapter, which is very convenient.


Personalized Wellness

This handheld percussion massager gun provides 5 different speed levels and 4 different attachments. You could freely choose any speed and attachment depending on the levels of your muscle soreness or pain by pressing the power button.

What I liked most about the HeyChy mini massage gun was its compact body and powerful performance. Overall, there is nothing to complain about the HeyChy massage gun. It is among the best-quality mini massage guns on the market.

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