How Do I Save My Instagram Stories Manually Or Automatically?

Instagram stories always have an expiration date, and they vanish 24 hours after you upload them. However, that is not to say that it will be gone for good. There are various methods you can use to save your Instagram stories. The most appropriate method will depend on how you want to save and use them immediately they have been saved.

Below are 3 ways to save your Instagram stories:

How Can I Archive Instagram Stories Through The App?

Archiving is a simple way to create a backup for your Instagram stories. The only thing is that you will need to set it up beforehand – but as soon as that is done, you do not have to be bothered about saving your stories in the future.

To set it up, do this:

  • Launch the Instagram application and get yourself logged in if required.
  • Head over to your profile (the person icon in the bottom toolbar).
  • Click the 3 lines and choose “Settings.”

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  • Click “Privacy” and then “Story.”
  • Under “Saving” activate the option to save your Instagram stories to your archive (users can also decide to save stories on their device’s photo gallery from this screen too.)


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After activating the archive option, accessing your stories through the archive will be possible. That can be done by heading to your profile, then clicking the 3 lines in the top-right corner of the screen, and choosing “Archive.”

How Can I Save Instagram Stories With A 3rd Party App?

If you prefer to not use the Instagram application to auto-save your stories, a 3rd party, a web-based application such as Embed Stories, can get things done on your behalf. The advantage here is that your stories can be embedded on sites, making you get the best out of them.

Embed Stories provide paid plans, which let you manage several Instagram accounts simultaneously, and will also aid the conversion of your stories into different formats. This is how to use Embed Stories:

  • Open an account on Embed Stories and connect your Facebook account. (Immediately permission is granted, this will instantly grab any linked Instagram accounts as well.)
  • Tap “Select Source” close to your Instagram account – the website will now collect your stories from that account and set up auto-save for your future stories at the same time.

How Can I Download Instagram Stories On My iPhone?

To download stories on an iPhone is not complicated. However, if you wish to download various stories as separate files, you will have to save every individual story manually. Be aware though, this method will only be useful on iPhones – Android owners have to go for the options above.

  •  Launch the Instagram application and get yourself logged in if that has not been done already.
  • Click “Your Story” (Seen in the top-left corner of the display) and see the story you wish to download.
  • While it plays, click the 3 dots and choose “Save.”
  • Choose “Save Photo/Video” to save that particular story. To save all your present stories as a single, vertical video, choose “Save Story.”

Stories can also be downloaded immediately you make them by tapping the download button. (It is in form of a downward-facing arrow above a straight line.)

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