Success Case – How PrimeXBT Has Achieved Its Rapid User Growth

Just like the cryptocurrency industry itself has matured recently, PrimeXBT has grown substantially over the last few years.

While trading volume plummeted on spot exchanges, the Bitcoin margin trading platform has amassed over $1 billion in daily trading volume on the regular even more so when Bitcoin is experiencing significant volatility.

The brand has partnered with a number of industry pioneers and influencers and continues to make exciting announcements to attract new users to the platform. Once there, there’s something for every type of trader to keep them coming back for more, and the variety is untouchable.

Here’s why PrimeXBT’s momentum is surging and showing no signs of slowing down.


Over 50 Assets- One-Stop Shop For All

Variety is easily the platform’s most notable pro. The advanced trading platform boasts the widest range of trading instruments found under one roof.

The platform offers CFDs on forex, commodities, stock indices, and crypto. There’s truly something for everyone no matter the interest. 

Bitcoin may have exploded again recently, but over the last several months, the crypto market was stagnant. While some crypto traders sat on the sidelines, PrimeXBT traders have been banking on the unprecedented volatility across traditional assets like gold, oil, the S&P 500, and more. 

The opportunity to build a well-diversified, risk-averse portfolio is unmatched.


Covesting For Newbies And Learning The Ropes

For those new to trading, losses are commonplace while the ropes are learned. On PrimeXBT, new traders can fast track their success by following strategies from other top traders using the Covesting module.

The tool, currently in beta but nearing its public release soon, has a public ranking system to help sort through the best of the best in the trading world. Profit, capital, and other metrics are all visible for investors to review.

Users can then follow the strategy and let top traders profit for them, taking a ton of time and guesswork out of profitability.


Turbo For Thrill-Seekers

Through an innovative tool called Turbo, even thrill-seekers have another choice in front of them.

Turbo offers PrimeXBT users a unique way to get positioned in the market. The product is especially useful during times when markets are quiet, boring, or trading sideways.

The tool offers fast-paced profits and is designed for speed and style. Turbo is especially risky, however, and PrimeXBT representatives recommend extreme caution if using the tool. A complete loss of capital is possible, which is why it is best reserved for those that like to live on the edge.


Long and Short Positions For Pro Traders

Newbies can get started toward profitability faster with Covesting while experienced, more grounded traders with sound trading strategies will find themselves right at home with PrimeXBT.

Rather than rely on spot trading platforms, PrimeXBT’s CFDs allow for long and short positions across all assets offered by the platform, along with stop-loss orders, take profit protection, and built-in charting software through TradingView.

From start to finish, users can buy Bitcoin, load up their trading accounts, perform technical analysis, build a plan, and get into position with a well-timed long or short trade.


PrimeXBT- A Trading Platform For Everyone

Whether it is gold trading, oil, or Bitcoin that catches your interest, PrimeXBT has it all. It is the robust lineup or trading assets that typically lure users to the platform. Still, the client-focused approach and ultra-reliable trading engine performance keep users coming back time and time again.

The award-winning trading platform recently spoke of its short- and long-term goals in an interview and reiterated its commitment to expanding its lineup of assets and trading tools further. If it can continue at this pace, it will soon be a force to be reckoned with across the finance industry.

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