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4 Tips to Improve Video Marketing

Video marketing is an effective marketing strategy, however, there’s always room for improvements to increase engagement and get more views on the videos that you post.

Around 52% marketing experts believe that video marketing works wonders to increase brand awareness and get you more customers. If you have not already jumped the bandwagon then it is time to make the switch.

Video marketing is suitable for all kind of businesses. If you are a fashion label, you can make videos with models walking around in your designs. If you are a real estate firm, you can turn to real estate videography with videos highlighting your projects. All in all, every business can enjoy the benefits of video marketing.

However, merely making videos is not enough. You need to take steps to make sure your videos reach a wide audience.

To make your videos reach a vast audience, businesses should strive to minimize video making and marketing mistakes and adapt to effective strategies. This won’t only help you get more viewers but will also give your brand the exposure you dream about.

Here are four tips to improve video marketing:

1. Improve SEO For Videos

SEO makes a path for traffic to visit your content. The trick lies in giving your videos a relevant and engaging title, using a description with the right keywords, indexing your videos on the search engine, being creative and including transcriptions in HTML pages of your website.

2. Add CTA Options

Call to action buttons are essential to bring a viewer to your product/service. Many businesses make engaging videos but forget to add a call to action at the end of the video.

This kills your chance of converting a valuable customer. Hence, make sure to add one to help customers engage with you.

3. Know When To Keep Videos Short And When To Keep Them Long

Reports reveal that the rate of engagement falls when a video exceeds 90 seconds and the ideal video duration to go for is between 60 to 90 seconds because that’s when engagement is the highest.

The same report also states that making very short videos won’t bear any fruit too because videos that were below 30 seconds received the lowest engagement rate.

This is because humans have short attention spans. We tend to get bored of things easily and quickly unless something is highly creative and strikes a chord. Hence, shorter videos are your best bet.

While the stats say to keep videos shorter and to the point, that’s not effective every time. The fact is that long videos can also be good.

For example, if you want to enlighten your customers on how to use a product or give a tutorial on how to maintain a product then you need to go into detail and this is where lengthy videos are more suitable.

4. Tell A Story

The way you deliver content in your videos plays a vital role in making video marketing more effective.

A video needs to be exciting. If it does not grasp the interest of its target audience then it will not be able to make an impact. Now, concentrate on the word target audience.

Each marketing video has an audience. You should design the video with that audience in mind.

Making plain and boring introductory videos will not give you any benefit as nobody would be interested in watching such videos. You need to take video marketing very seriously and come up with cool ideas that also do the trick.

The Verdict

Even if you are great at making and delivering videos, it won’t help you gain most perks unless you market it right. Use these tips to make your video marketing experience richer.

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