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15 Best Bulk Email Service Providers (2023)

Here are the top best mass bulk email service providers that are satisfying the quest of customers these days. When you make use of these services, you are able to send very large quantities of emails at discounted prices. When you make use of these services, they help you to track issues that may impact your sending of massive emails delivery. By doing this, you are left to concentrate on the core of your business.

Features of best bulk email service providers

  • The tools process email bounces
  • It tracks email opens and clicks
  • It makes use of SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • It also makes use of API or web interfaces
  • These tools are very cheap

1. Mass Mail Software

mass mail software

The Mass Mail Software is one tool that enables you to do just what the name suggests – send abundant emails at once. You can also accomplish some mail marketing tasks such as searching messages, managing lists, and monitoring your results.

Features of Mass Mail Software

  • Get your mail statistics easily
  • Verify email with ease
  • Provides easy to use message editor
  • You have access to templates

Those who want can try it for seven days, during which time they can decide if they really want to continue using the tool. At that stage, they have to switch to the paid edition.



This software is handy when you need to send beautiful newsletters and the good thing is that it comes with a powerful API. Basically, SMTP2GO is used for sending transactional emails without charge and also without limits. With this software, you can test emails against spam filters.

Features of SMTP2GO

  • It automatically handles domain name
  • It can send emails from a mobile app or Outlook
  • Get full details of emails you sent
  • Test your emails against major spam filters
  • Get easy-to-understand visual reports
  • It continues to send emails even without an internet connection
  • It alerts you when there are problems

This tool comes with three plans. Starter, Professional, and Premier. Get the correct price when you click the link above.

3. Mail Marketer

mail marketer
mail marketer

This is an application that makes it possible for you to send bulk emails without hassle. The good part of the software is that it automates your tasks pulling them from events. You could get real-time reports that contain information on how often your emails are opened, the frequency, number of clicks, bounce rate, and other information.

Features of Mail Marketer

  • The user is able to track and analyze the reports
  • There’s a spam checker in-built
  • You can import contacts in bulk
  • Find multiple built-in templates for the design of your email
  • You could integrate Google Analytics into the software

This bulk email sending tool comes free for 30 days after which the user has to pay for it. The customer service is excellent.

4. Elastic Email

elastic email
elastic email

This platform is known as a full-service email marketing platform. One thing it does, that makes users prefer it is that it helps you to eliminate duplicate email addresses. Of course, you won’t want to send the same email to a recipient twice. That doesn’t look professional.

Features of Elastic Mail

  • You can schedule many campaigns at once and imbue them with several settings
  • Get detailed statistics
  • Scale to more than 100 million emails every month
  • Use the drag and drop editor to modify the template quickly
  • Easy to connect to the API

A free trial is also available so that you can check the tool out before you pay for it. No credit card is required for the free trial.

5. Sendinblue


SaaS created this marketing tool for email marketing automation. With it, you can effectively manage your customer, making use of your current CRM. With this tool, you can set up the design, engagement, and delivery of your business emails.

Features of Sendinblue

  • You can launch Facebook ad from your account
  • You are able to build your own custom landing pages
  • Get your detailed statistics from the emails
  • You can also connect numerous plugins to Sendinblue
  • Automate your email marketing messages

You can enjoy the free trial period without paying a dime.

6. GetResponse


This is one of the most popular out of the available list of email marketing tools online. It allows you to create a valuable marketing list of partners, clients, and prospects for your business needs. Many users prefer GetResponse because it has abundant professional-looking email templates.  

Features of GetResponse

  • It offers ready-made workflows to welcome your customers
  • You can generate leads with a high-quality landing page
  • Build a marketing campaign with a ready-made funnel
  • Use the advanced analytics to let you track conversions, ROI, and leads

New users have the privilege of testing it free for 30 days. They don’t need to enter their credit card details.

7. Cakemail


Cakemail is viewed largely as one of the leading transactional email service providers. As such, it is highly recommended that you try it because you may find its features very useful.

Features of Cakemail

  • Track everything a subscriber does when they receive emails from you
  • Honor subscribers’ requests on time
  • It automatically processes bounce messages and ensures future emails are not sent to the addresses
  • It ensures your email finds its way to your recipient
  • Easy integration using SMTP or RESTful APIs

As usual, you may jump on the advantage the free trial period offers. You don’t need to submit your credit card information.

8. ZeptoMail


This tool is regarded as a highly reliable and secure bulk email service that everyone can depend on because it instantly delivers all your emails to the recipient. You certainly would love it for the high-speed delivery capacity, and the fact that your recipients will be able to easily find your emails.

Features of ZeptoMail

  • Delivers your transactional emails so easily
  • It makes use of email API for deep integration
  • Your emails will be categorized by domain, purpose, application, and more
  • It supports industry-standard authentication mechanisms
  • Add attachments, content, and images that can be recalled and used whenever you like
  • Get detailed reports of transactional emails

You may send up to 10,000 emails for free every month. That’s really great for beginners. Also, it is possible to migrate to ZeptoMail in a simple configuration with SMTP.

9. MailerSend


This bulk email marketing tool is regarded as a comprehensive tool. You may only experience its complexity when you explore its usage. Users love it because it offers drag-and-drop email templates that even beginners can understand how to implement. If you’re looking for professional-looking templates for your transactional emails, you may want to explore this one.

Features of MailerSend

  • It provides a wide range of real-time analytics
  • Enjoy the advanced user management system
  • It integrates quickly with API
  • It helps the user build personalized relationships at a scale
  • Check out the wide range of predesigned email templates

Enjoy the free trial period.

10. Mailjet


Seen as a global email service provider, Mailjet enables the user to track transactional and marketing emails through SMTP, API, and other means. With this tool, you are able to create responsive emails through the use of email builders.

Features of Mailjet

  • It is easy to integrate Mailjet with any server configuration
  • It converts your company emails into segments
  • You are allowed to freely personalize your transactional messages
  • Track email events in real-time
  • Create email templates without much effort
  • Fetch any information you need from the comprehensive documentation
  • Use analytics to monitor results

As usual, the free trial period allows you to feel the bulk email service without paying a dime. You don’t need a credit card to enjoy the free product.

11. Constant Contact

constant contact
constant contact

This is another popular bulk email service provider that many internet users make use of. It is simple, affordable, and easy to use. On the first day you use it, you will understand how simple the tool is. With this tool, you can trigger emails based on user behavior and it can also automatically resume emails to non-openers. If you need a tool that will help you to communicate more directly with customers, this is it. You will enjoy it for urgent messages or for time-sensitive offers.

Features of Constant Contact

  • It is good for personalization and segmentation
  • Integrations support re-targeting ads and landing pages
  • Segmentation is based on campaign engagement and demographics
  • Easily manage lists and subscribers
  • Engage in social media sharing and promotion
  • Get in-depth campaign activity reports that include unsubscribes, bounce rates, and inactive readers
  • This tool helps you ensure your email marketing campaign launches successfully
  • You also get a customizable email sign-up landing page to grow your email list

At most, this tool is certified best for small businesses, nonprofits, and other individuals. It is very reliable as it offers up to a 97 percent deliverability rate. Another amazing feature is that new users can enjoy it for free without paying for up to 60 days.

12. Sendgrid


Sendgrid is popular among individuals and businesses that use bulk email messaging platforms online. This is an email marketing tool that provides modern workflows and automation facilities. A simple trigger is all it takes for you to send your bulk emails whenever you like to. Also, through this tool, you can select email using HTML and drag and drop editing facilities to make your emails look professional.

Features of Sendgrid

  • Manage scheduling, recipients, testing, and content from one user interface
  • It provides real-time statistics
  • You are able to collaborate with other people as you make use of this software
  • Add contacts via CSV file
  • Send emails securely using custom domains and dedicated IPs

Check out the tool first by making use of it for free. Then you could upgrade to a paid version.

13. Amazon SES

amazon ses
amazon ses

This one is a cloud-based service, thereby offering modern technology feel to the whole thing. This email service is designed to help individuals and organizations to send bulk emails with ease. It is possible to integrate it into other existing applications, thereby giving you the opportunity to expand your horizon when designing and sending emails. The tool helps you to keep your customers updated by sending automated emails at regular intervals.

Features of Amazon SES

  • Send a highly personalized message to your customer
  • It enables you to monitor a number of sent and delivered messages
  • It has a simple dashboard where information about track issues is displayed. Also, issues that may impact the delivery of your emails can be seen on the dashboard
  • It provides various methods of sending emails
  • It integrates well with other AWS services, including AWS IAM

Enjoy your free trial.

14. Keap


Keap is also an email marketing automation software that you could consider making use of if you are interested in learning more about how it can benefit your business. It comes with a huge library of templates, layouts, and styles that most users adore. It is regarded as one of the best when you need to send personalized emails that are based on contact segmentation.

Features of Keap

  • It helps you to send targeted and personalized emails based on automatic contact segmentation
  • It offers numerous ready-made templates, layouts, and styles you can choose from
  • Get real-time insights into your email marketing campaign’s performance
  • You can perform A/B testing to access which email will be more effective before sending emails in bulk

This bulk email service provider comes with just 14 days free trial. You don’t need a credit card to try it out.

15. Postmarkapp


This is the last on this list but it is not the least. This bulk email service is used to track transactional emails. It provides 45 days of full content history and statistics. The report you get could be regarding mail opens and mouse clicks.

Features of Postmarkapp

  • It includes API for sending emails
  • It delivers emails using SMTP
  • It offers a responsive and compatible email template
  • It is possible to integrate user email replies into your application
  • You can use two-factor authentication for better security

How to send bulk emails

  • Download and install any of the bulk email service provider tools above
  • Log in or sign up with your details
  • Ready your mail in a .csv file format
  • Create an email campaign and upload your email list
  • Compose your email
  • Send or schedule the email
  • Click send

Best Bulk Email Service Providers – Conclusion

Once again, it is important to note that these services are the best when it comes to doing bulk mailing in 2022. Do really need mass email service badly? Then you should consider picking any of these listed above. Going this route enables you to reduce the time as well as the cost of sending a massive number of emails to different recipients.

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