Top 15 Best Alexa Alternatives in 2022

Many years ago, Alexa as we know it now after its demise, started as an online content recommendation search engine. It was named after the library of Alexandria. The business endeavor of Alexa began to reign supreme in the 90s because the online world was just waking up at that time. The business solutions of Alexa were simple but effective. They were as follows:

  • The company watched user browsing habits through their toolbar
  • It offered suggestions and recommendations for users and what they should do to receive more traffic and sales
  • It collected information on who visited a site, how many pages they viewed
  • Alexa also checked how many backlinks a site had
  • It also traced how often the site owner kept it up to date

With these five ways, Alexa scraped a library of content online, and this was later donated to the Library of Congress. This led to the birth of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Things took a turn for a change when Amazon bought Alexa in 1999 and used it as an analytics powerhouse that worked with Google, DMOZ, and the Internet Archive to produce world-class analytics. That led to the provision of excellent web analytics services for millions of companies and individuals around the globe. It also powered many API tools and apps online until December 2021 when an announcement was made that the company will close down in May 2022.

Here’s an update on the usage of Alexa at the time I write this:

  • Alexa API will keep working till December 15, 2022
  • Existing Alexa subscribers may use the platform till May 1, 2022
  • New user registrations stopped before May 2022
  • No more exporting of Alexa data

That brings many users the possibility of finding other services that prove to be Alexa alternatives. I have listed 15 such sites below.

1. Ahrefs


This is one of the best and biggest analytics and SEO tools out there online today. There are many metrics that users can look for, analyze, and make use of. Ahrefs can offer top-notch analytics for users on its platform.


  • Ahrefs audit can give users optimization recommendations for their websites
  • Check out your competitors and analyze their top pages on search engines
  • Enjoy hundreds of petabytes of information
  • It keeps crawling the web for new information

However, one big downside to this platform is the high cost attached to its premium subscription. Users have to cough up $99 every month only for entry-level service.

2. Moz Pro

moz pro

Here’s another popular analytics platform that can act as an Alexa alternative on the internet. However, the scale and focus of this tool are not exactly that of Alexa, so it is not completely a good alternative to it. Yet, it is not a top product for checking your site’s analytics anyway.


  • Moz Pro enables you to make more centralized SEO decisions
  • It doesn’t have extensive data that can give the webmaster the big picture
  • Users can target keywords
  • They can also track and update keywords that they want

This product also has its own downside due to the high cost for entry-level users who have to pay $100 per month to make use of the platform.

3. Serpstat


This tool is famous for being an all-in-one SEO platform. It is also a good one among Alexa alternatives that one can find on the internet. There are more than two dozen tools that are connected to help webmasters analyze their data and make informed decisions.


  • It includes all major features for keyword research, backlink analysis, etc
  • Users are able to get a competitive analysis feature that allows them to discover and analyze top competitors
  • Users can improve their performance in online search with this tool

The price is reasonable at $55 per month, which makes it cheaper than Ahrefs. However, users often complain of results that are not comprehensive enough. As with all other platforms above, a user needs to register before using it.

4. Similarweb


This is one of the best Alexa alternatives out there. It is often mentioned right after Alexa in any case. Alexa’s closure has given this company a better opportunity to move forward with its data scraping, analytics, and ranking process.


  • Users can examine keyword trends
  • There are fresh keyword data available for users
  • Users can take advantage of real traffic insights
  • It is possible to gauge effectiveness with actual engagement metrics

Of course, Similarweb claims that it has nine positive features for users. Now, they’re trying to launch an API meant for capturing the people who have lost the Alexa API and want to replace it. But the platform offers some other cool aspects of information that Alexa didn’t have. The problem with the tool is how they could verify the data they publish.

5. Semrush


This is another favorite in terms of analytics and Alexa alternatives. However, it is not so much a comprehensive tool in the way that the defunct platform is. But it is still powerful enough to satisfy the needs of some people.


  • It offers more than 50 tools and reports for making your digital marketing better
  • Discover the best keywords to use and bring more traffic to your site
  • Audit your pages and get ideas to improve their health and SEO performance
  • Increase your website traffic and improve performance

Unfortunately, this tool is also very expensive, with the starting price at $120 per month.

6. Spyfu


When you’re looking for a good tool for competitor analysis, this one is excellent as it takes up this important service that Alexa used to offer. What it offers in terms of results is not that comprehensive or robust but it is something to get by. Many users are finding it to be a compelling option as they try to make their marketing efforts better.


  • Find new keywords to use in paid and organic search programs
  • Get competitive analysis to discover your top online competitors
  • Enjoy a database of over 13 years of Google data

However, the results it offers are basic, and not as rich as that of Ahrefs. Also, it is not ideal for backlink analysis of site audits. You can do more, such as get Google PPC data and keyword information that is useful.

7. Kissmetrics


This is one long-time tool among Alexa alternatives that have never been at the top of the list. It is good and valuable but not up to an excellent standard in the real sense of the word.


  • A good real-time data monitoring tool
  • It offers no limit conversion periods
  • Users can do testing and staging
  • Check out segment data

Small businesses find this tool valuable when it comes to website analytics and comparative analytics. The platform has a ton of data to offer users and the price at which they operate is reasonable.

8. Ubersuggest


This tool is straightforward and powerful. This doesn’t mean it is not a simple tool. There are many features that those who use it can enjoy but the data you get may not really be what you want, as information is late by the time you request it.


  • It offers a competitive analysis that users find interesting and informative
  • There’s an intuitive dashboard
  • It offers keyword rank tracking and keyword research tools
  • Also, SEO and link management are possible

The good thing about this tool is that it is cheaper than the aforementioned tools that were briefly addressed above. At $30 per month, users are able to gauge their marketing efforts and improve on them.

9. Quantcast


Used by many top-quality websites such as Drudgereport, and others, Quantcast is adept at giving you the data you need regarding your web audience. As a user, you have the opportunity to view live data, use machine learning, and try to keep the user information private for the subscribers alone to see.


  • With this platform, you can use the API to your advantage
  • Make use of provisions for campaign management
  • Explore the consent management
  • Customer segmentation is also available

This platform is good for pushing ahead of others in making use of less intrusive methods to gather data from websites. It doesn’t make use of cookies for tracking.

10. Cisco Umbrella

cisco umbrella

It was once known as OpenDNS before it assumed the name Cisco Umbrella. The company offers many services but above all, it enables a website ranking list of the top million sites online. This means that small-traffic websites may not benefit a lot from their services.


  • It filters repeat traffic from one IP, so webmasters can’t deceive others throughF5 key
  • It gives a list of top sites on the internet

When Alexa was still live, using this service may not have mattered. It does now, especially for people who want to see the top site lists.

11. SERanking


This is one good site that’s so good at being a good Alexa alternative. It must be receiving more serious attention now that Alexa is gone. The service is good in that it offers data that looks pretty much like that of Alexa, and the top keyword estimates were some of the most accurate.


  • It offers superb reporting analytics
  • Very helpful when it comes to campaign management
  • It offers third-party integrations
  • Customizable templates are available

This service is free when you make up to 10 searches a day. But you have to pay less than $20 per month to unlock premium services.

12. Internet Traffic Report

internet traffic report

This website offers web analytics of a different type. However, it works well in its own terrain of showing an overall view of how well the internet is functioning across various countries and continents.


  • The service displays a value between zero and 100 to show the flow of traffic online
  • Traffic analytics data is updated every five minutes
  • Servers are placed in strategic places around the world meant to perform pings
  • It offers an API that enables webmasters to put the global traffic index on their pages

You can compare this service with the Alexa top sites index. The desire to use it is thoroughly up to you because some people may not like the options it presents.

13. Amazon Quicksight

amazon quicksight

As much as Alexa is Amazon’s property, this one too is their property. Probably, this service will properly replace Alexa as time goes on. With the growth of this platform, perhaps the world will forget Alexa, and it will be gone for good.


  • Users are able to forecast business outcomes easily
  • Users can explore interactive dashboards, and look for patterns
  • Users can perform advanced analytics with ML insights
  • They can embed analytics to differentiate applications

This means that Amazon still retains the analytics business it has dominated for decades. Maybe the power of Alexa will end up in Quicksight.

14. Cloudflare Radar

cloudflare radar

Cloudflare is known for various things, including powerful cloud hosting for many online platforms. It continues to power the internet with the following services:

  • DDoS protection
  • DNS services
  • Whois protection
  • CDN services.

With the Radar service, users can be able to check out a ton of user behavior and traffic data.


  • It offers worldwide data
  • Users are able to see up-to-date internet trends
  • Users are able to see trending and popular domains
  • Users are able to filter for a particular locations

With this platform, you have good data that you could look at, and they consist of the top sites list, traffic numbers, and even the real-time map of cyberattacks that are going on around the world.

15. Majestic


Majestic was adept at showing PageRank metrics to marketers when Google retired from offering the service to users. The service really satisfied the needs of customers worldwide because the citation metrics they offer is robust. The analytics are also very good for those who have benefitted.


  • Users can find out who is linking to their site
  • There’s a keyword generator that can help improve site traffic
  • Users may conduct web-based link investigation and get instant results
  • Check out the best websites online

The company has been surviving and moving along with no major success story over the years but we have included it among the list of good Alexa alternatives that are available after the death of Alexa. It is expected that the company will step up in its efforts to satisfy customers who need an analytic report in a better sense than they have done in the past.


You may have noted that none of these Alexa alternatives can actually be what Alexa has been in the full sense. That tells us just how powerful that tool has been over the years. To really get a similar product that will give results like Alexa, one may resort to using three or more of these services.