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Echo Show 8 – The Best Smart Display In Its Lineup

You may have heard or seen Amazon’s Echo Show 5, 8, and 10. You may have probably gotten a review on any of those but the best among them is the Echo Show 8 because it is reasonably larger than the previous one. It is more capable as well in a few of its features. But it is much cheaper than the Echo Show 10.

About The Echo Show 8

With this, you can watch videos, listen to music, get weather reports, control smart home devices, make video calls, and even do more. This Echo product is able to frame and follow you around as you move about with a good display resolution. It is one thing that makes it count.

During video calls, the resolution works well as you stay still in front of it. In case you need to disable the auto frame operations which makes it follow you around, just say the command “Alexa follow off” and it will be disabled.

Echo Show 8 Display

Echo Show 8

It’s an 8 inches display which works fine for video calls. Use it for calling just one person because the frame is too small to accommodate group calls. To share the screen with another fellow is also cumbersome but it works perfectly for one-on-one video calls. You can call up the Zoom app by saying “Alexa, open Zoom” and it will. But you have to type in your login details yourself.

Camera Features of Echo Show 8

There’s a wide-angle lens that allows the Echo Show 8 to do the auto-framing activities. Sometimes, though, the image on the camera may not appear as perfect as you would like it. The camera works better than it did in the predecessor, and it is quite bigger.

Looking at the features of the camera, we see that it’s a 13 MP camera, which can also be seen in the Echo Show 10. The good thing is that you can slide in the privacy shutter that can block off the camera in case you need it that way sometimes.

It is this camera segment that makes this gadget look best among its peers. As for almost everything else, the features were present also in the first generation of Echo products such as the speaker, same design, same display, etc.

Echo Show 8

Why People Choose Echo Show 8

  • It is loud and has full sound
  • Cool features abound
  • The camera is larger and improved

Why People Complain

  • There are few streaming options for the Echo Show 8
  • Issues with some video calls

Making Video Calls

The product offered a preferred option during the lockdown periods of 2020 when people stayed at home and relied heavily on making video calls to family and friends. In this way, improving the quality of the camera and video calling capabilities really made sense.

Echo Show 8 Price

At this time, the Echo Show 8 sells at a bundle price of $154.98 from Amazon.

Why You Need It

This Echo Show 8-inch HD screen is indispensable in your home. Pair it with Alexa to check your calendar, start video calls, and turn on other connected devices in your home. You can even control lights, security cameras, and thermostats. You would love it when you see that the gadget acts as a digital photo gallery, and it rotates your favourite photos.

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