8 things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home can’t


While it appears that Google Home is the best choice when a user is looking at abundant features, Amazon Echo came with features that one can’t find in Google Home. The two products have been competing for the first place for many years. All in all, Google Assistant seems to have the upper hand.

If you are interested, you may take some time to read the nine interesting things that Google Home does that Amazon’s Alexa can’t.

The battle for the number one smart speaker spot isn’t won yet. But in this article, we will be examining some unique features of Amazon Echo and how these features make it a worthwhile device.

In this article, we will briefly touch on Echo features such as the ones listed next:

  • The Echo can guard your house.
  • It can whisper back many things Google Home can’t.
  • It can Call & send text messages.
  • The Echo can also present a chilling sense of humor in a way that Google Assistant can’t.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, as the name implies, is a product from the stable of Amazon. It is a hands-free speaker and virtual assistant device that interrelates an end-user through the Amazon Alexa cloud-based voice service. Echo devices can connect to the Alexa app service via the internet.

Through the use of AI technology, Alexa enables an Echo device to listen for user commands in order to perform a great many tasks, including playing music, answering questions, creating, editing to-do lists, and setting a timer or an alarm.

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In a nutshell, this is how to identify Alexa and Echo:

  1. Alexa is the virtual assistant – an app that listens and does your bidding.
  2. The Echo is a physical product that looks like a Bluetooth speaker but can do a whole lot more.

What is Google Home?

Google Home Max
Google Home Max

Google Home is an important product for people who have a Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, or other devices with Chromecast support. Such ones will need the Google Home app because it is the central hub and dashboard for everything that can be done with the above-named products.


Also, it is vital to mention that the Google Home app helps in setting up and controlling Google Nest or Home speakers and display while tying in all of those with Chromecast. With Google Home, one can control many things like lights, cameras, speakers, and many more. It can work from a single app on Android and iOS devices.

Let’s now delve into nine things that Amazon Alexa can do that Google Home can’t.

1. Alexa whispers back

It has an amazing feature that lets you whisper to it in the middle of the night. You can ask what time it is or for it to turn on the lights without even needing to face your Alexa. This capability has not been seen in any other voice assistants yet.

2. Alexa supports Amazon Music, Prime Music, and Apple Music

Google Home supports many popular music streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, and others. However, it doesn’t support Apple Music or Amazon Music.


But when you unbox your Amazon Echo, you’ll see that the default music service on it is Amazon Prime Music. You can change it to Apple Music. The omission may be due to the fierce competition that exists between Amazon and Google.

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3. Take Alexa with you in your car

Alexa in Echo is suitable for your smart home, but it also does excellently when you put it in your car. The fun can continue when you drive because it is perfect for hands-free commute possibilities. Yes, avoid pressing buttons and doing other things that can lead to disaster. Just connect it to your car’s USB port, or you can even use Amazon’s Echo Auto and then plug it into a USB port.

4. Echo’s Alexa can guard your home


There’s the Alexa Guard feature that you can set up on your Amazon Echo device. Once activated, the speaker listens for sounds like breaking glass or alarms. Periodically, it can also turn on smart lights or switch them off. That makes it look like someone is home.

Although Google Home can pair with Nest Secure, it still doesn’t have a specific guard action.

5. You can create your customized skills

In the Alexa app, you can set up the option that lets you create your personalized skills. The skills you create are private so that only Echo devices can access the information. For the skills, you have a lot of templates to choose from, such as Q&A, games, greetings, and others. Alexa skills can also be created on desktop computers.


6. Delivery notifications

The Echo can tell you when a package is out for delivery, but Google Home can’t. Users are not surprised, for the Echo is Amazon’s product, so it is expected to do this. Echo’s Alexa can tell you right from the time that your Amazon order has shipped to the time it arrives in your home.

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The command is: “Hey, Alexa, where are my packages?” that command helps you to get an update on where your package could be. It is also possible to set up notifications for Domino’s so that you’ll know when your pizza order arrives at your doorstep.

7. Alexa can send text messages

Alexa App
Alexa App

It is another thing that Amazon Echo can do. Echo’s Alexa can be used to send text messages. Google Home is still unable to do that. Just by saying the right command, such as “Alexa, send a text message,” Alexa will ask who you want the text to be sent to. It will follow with what you want to say. When all is done, it will ask you to confirm, which you only need to say “yes” to once Alexa asks if it should send the message. The message can only go to other people on your contact who have the Alexa app.

8. Location triggers

Amazon Echo allows you to set up location triggers so that as you’re approaching your home in the night, the lights can come on at your bidding. Once you pull into the driveway, the smart lights can automatically switch on. The feature can be set up when you create an Alexa routine.


It is evident that both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home will get new features soon that will definitely accompany future upgrades. Of course, there are also other strengths of Alexa that we didn’t mention above. Yet, it is evident that the Echo is able to do some key things that its competitor, Google Home can’t.