How To Add Spotify’s New Widget To Your iPhone Home Screen

Spotify recently added a fresh iOS 14 Widget and iPhone users now have a faster and simpler way to use the audio streaming service. Apple’s fresh “Home Screen Widget” feature is a delight to use and we have its developers to thank for it.

As long as you are a music lover, as long as you adore songs from musicians that you adore, this feature will make it simpler to access your favorite tracks anytime you want. And as you already know, Spotify and Apple Music are constantly in a battle for the best streaming service platform in the world. See How To Add Spotify’s New Widget To Your iPhone Home Screen:

Add Spotify Widget iPhone Home Screen
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How Can I Add Spotify’s New Widget To My iPhone Home Screen?

Spotify and Apple Music are 2 streaming giants that provide music for free, even if Spotify is more generous and will not disturb your life with adverts when you pay to subscribe. Spotify even allows a specific number of skips between adverts, therefore it is very friendly for all users.

With the fresh Home Screen Widget, Spotify users are able to add a shortcut to an album or podcast. The recent version of the Spotify app has to be installed on the iPhone and the user must get themselves logged into the application to view the Widget in the iOS 14 Widget Gallery.

There are 2 sizes available, the single tile version reveals the most recently played title, while the wider form of the iOS 14 Widget reveals the last 5 titles. Touching any music title or podcast episode inside the Widget will open the album or podcast in Spotify, even if it will not start playing until the play button is pressed.

This is a wise way to use this fresh iPhone feature. Surely, the normal Spotify application icon can still be used to launch Spotify, however, the Widget is simply a quicker way to go back to something recently played.

Add Spotify Widget iPhone Home Screen
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Why Is Spotify Widget Beneficial To Me?

There are lots of benefits for users of the widget. For starters, imagine a friend or pal being closeby and he or she notices the recent playback list, this might start a convo about music or a specific podcast and it is a brilliant way to flaunt your style and get noticed.

Another benefit is being able to change the background color of the Widget as the recent titles shift. This adds color and interest to the iPhone Home Screen in ways you will appreciate. Also, as you use this Widget, be aware that the last playback is shown on the Home Screen with the smaller version and the 5 most recent will be visible in the bigger size.

If you are ashamed to listen to a particular artist, band or soundtrack, just play the dopest songs you have in your library before leaving your iPhone where it can be seen by others. Spotify keeps innovating fresh features and even if the iPhone Widget is a little development, it surely proves that the company continues to strive to satisfy the needs of the listeners.

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