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How To Change Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call & SMS Ringtones

We will be showing you just how to change Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call & SMS Ringtones for those who have the smartphone and are finding it difficult to change it. The process involved is fairly easy and you don’t even need a third-party app to set it up although you can do that if you want.

You can decide to choose your favorite music at the moment and use it for your Call or SMS Ringtone. If the music gets old or you like another music better in the future and would like to change it again, you can do just that. There is no limit to how many times you can change your call and SMS Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So you can change it as often as you want.

There is also an option to dedicate a special ringtone or any other ringtone you might want to a specific contact. You can decide to put let’s say “John Legend – All of me” as a call ringtone for your spouse or partner. So whenever your Phone rings, you know who’s Calling before even picking up the phone. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I know. To do all this, follow the steps below.

How To Change Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call & SMS Ringtones

For you to able to change Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call & SMS ringtones, you’ll have to have the music or ringtones you intend to use save on your phone. Samsung has some ringtones pre-installed but chances are, you aren’t going to like them. There are a lot of places to get some good ringtones that will really suit you. Once you’ve gotten a preferred ringtone of your choice saved on your phone, you can now go ahead and follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings Menu/App and Click on Sounds and Vibration.
  • Tap on Ringtone. You’ll be presented with Samsung’s list of stock ringtones if you would like to choose any of them, simply select it and that’s it. You’ve successfully changed your ringtone.

  • If you would like to use a song/track or customized ringtone saved on your phone as your ringtone then don’t select any of Samsung’s ringtone, just scroll down to the bottom of the list till you see “Add From Phone” and Click on it.

  • Now, Navigate to where you have the file saved, Select it and Tap Done to set it as your preferred ringtone.

To change or select ringtones for individual contacts on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Contacts App and Select the Contact you would like to assign a ringtone to.
  • Tap on Edit and Select More, Scroll down to the bottom and choose Ringtone. Navigate to add from the phone in the bottom of the list and click on it. Select your preferred ringtone and tap Done to save.

  • Conclusion

    If you’re still finding it difficult to change Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call & SMS Ringtones or don’t fully understand the steps above then don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below for further assistance.

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    10 thoughts on “How To Change Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Call & SMS Ringtones”

    1. Hello everyone, I dont have the song from Chips on my phone for a ringtone . What do i do to put it as my ringtone? Or get it on my phone?

    2. I know how to customize an individual contact’s ring tone. However, I have no idea how to customize an individuals text notification. Can you tell me how?

    3. I Would like to know how to deactivate this option which is making me mad af and it’s called : ASCENDING VOLUME WHEN RINGS!
      Means that my phone starts to ring slowly and afterwords jumps directly to the normal volume.Has anybody any idea of how can I make my phone to ring normally,like at the same volume!?
      Thank you in advance.

    4. Doesn’t work!! I want to change from Verizon’s default “VZW Airwaves” ringtone to “Basic Bell”, and no matter how many times I click on “Basic Bell”, it stays at VZW Airwaves. What the heck, Verizon!?!?!?! Why isn’t there a “SAVE” button, so I know it’s changed????

    5. Go to Google play store and download rings extended. Then you can use any music in your phone for ringtones. Can also use the app in notifications and be able to use ringtones for notification sounds.

    6. I find the ringtone I like, click on it and add, but then the default ringtone never changes. Very frustrated because i don’t like the default ringtone. Why won’t it allow me to change it???

    7. Ringtone change, easy enough. However the scroll down to you see add from phone is incorrect. it is top right of screen “ADD”. Then follow the rest and add your song, clip or whatever you have on added to the phone sound library in music. The SMS does not allow you to set a desired tone or music other than what is provided on the phone. In contacts or generic for all SMS incoming. There is no “ADD” or ADD TO PHONE on the page that lists the stock tones.

    8. Thanks for tutorial, but I think, there is no option speciula ringtone for SMS in the Note 9. I can set specific ringtoine for notification (Settings/ Sound and vibration /Notification soud), it means also for SMS, or I can set spoecific notificatoion for SMS from specific people (by described settings via contact editings), but I am not able to set specific soud notification for SMS (not SMS from specific contact).

      In previous version fo Noite it can be done via settings of Messages application. Such as setting is not present on Note9 Messages application.

      Can you help me?



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