How To Clear Google Play Store Cache

Google Play Store is known to be one of the best application stores you will find around. It is home to lots of apps and games that can be downloaded for free and it also features several paid apps and games that smartphone owners can buy as per their needs.

The app store is accessible on Android devices and it is very dependable when it comes to the safety of your devices. As you already know, Android and iPhones are leading the world when it comes to futuristic devices and this is why we have lots of Android owners all across the globe.

However, even if an Android experience is often seamless, sometimes you can get stuck, especially when you are downloading or updating an app or game from the Play Store. Several users have come out to reveal that they have battled such problems in the past. These issues often involve error codes like Error Code 910, Error Code 971 e.t.c, and they make things difficult.

Not to worry though, because the solution is quite straightforward and uncomplicated. You can remove these errors as quickly and possible and things will be back to normal. You just have to clear the cache of the Google Play Store and the problem is fixed. See How To Clear Google Play Store Cache:

How Can I Clear Google Play Store Cache And Data?

Clearing Google Play Store Cache and Data is very simple. Just adhere to the instructions below:

  • Head to Settings on your Android device.
  • Click Apps or Apps & Notification. Depending on the mobile phone, this option might have names such as Apps, Apps & Notifications, Applications and so on.

Clear Google Play Store Cache

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  • From the list of all the applications on your mobile device, search for Google Play Store and click on it.

Clear Google Play Store Cache

  • Click “Storage.”


Clear Google Play Store Cache

  • Right there, two buttons will be visible. They are “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage/Data.” Click on them one by one.


Clear Google Play Store Cache

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That is that. You just successfully cleared the Cache and Data of Google Play Store.

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