How to connect your iPhone to a Samsung TV

iPhone to a Samsung TV
iPhone to a Samsung TV

By connecting your iPhone to the Samsung TV, you can share your phone’s multimedia content by mirroring your screen. You will discover a handful of ways to connect, once you know how to connect your iPhone to a Samsung TV.

Screen Mirroring from iPhone to Samsung TV using a Lightning Digital AV adapter

This is probably one of the simplest options, but it’s not free since you will have to purchase the adapter from Apple. The Lightning digital AV adapter costs about $ 49.00 and can be used with the iPhone and iPad.

  • Make sure you have an additional HDMI cable ready to use, so you’ll connect your iPhone to the Samsung TV.
  • Once the cable is ready, connect the AV adapter to your iPhone.
  • Now connect the HDMI cable to the AV adapter. You will see the door where you need to connect it.
  • Make sure your Samsung TV is at the source where HDMI is connected and you should see the screen of your iPhone mirrored on your Samsung TV.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV wirelessly

Maybe you’re tired of the cables and would like a wireless option that allows you to connect your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV. Don’t worry- there are some apps that can help you achieve that wireless connection.

When using one of these screen mirroring apps, it is essential to remember that Smart TV and iPhone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network at home. The apps will not work if the phone and TV are on different networks.


The Samsung SmartView app is a free app that you can install on your phone that will allow the screen to be mirrored on your smart TV.

Once the Samsung SmartView app is installed, both the phone and the TV are on the same Wi-Fi connection, start the app and ask you to enter the code that appears on the screen of your Samsung Smart TV. Once the pin is inserted, it should connect to the TV, even if the time required may vary depending on the TV.


If you don’t like the SmartView app’s performance, you can try the Mirror app for Samsung TV. This $ 4.99 app gives you a little more freedom with what you can mirror on your Samsung TV.

Once the phone and TV are on the same network, the Mirror app will ask you to select the TV. Select the TV from the menu, tap Select Samsung TV Mirror, then tap Start Broadcast. The screen of your iPhone is then mirrored on your Samsung Smart TV.

When you want to stop mirroring, go back to the app and tap Stop Transmission.

Other apps with mirroring capabilities

There are some apps like YouTube that have their own way of mirroring the iPhone screen on the TV. With YouTube, touch the small screen icon at the top right to connect or broadcast on the TV, provided that TV and phone are on the same network.

Once finished, you can watch your favorite YouTube videos directly on your TV instead of on the small screen of your phone.


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