How to create a magic wand in Animal Crossing – New Horizons

Animal Crossing- New Horizons offers a complicated recipe to make, which makes collecting and organizing clothes much easier- the magic wand.

There are many new clothing options available for players in Animal Crossing- New Horizons, with the wardrobe and other furnishings that allow players to quickly change their clothes directly from their storage space. However, there is another option that will enable players to quickly switch to their preset clothes, made of clothes they have selected, where and when they want. This would be the rare magic wand object.

There are two recipes for chopsticks- the star wand and the bamboo wand. The bamboo wand recipe can be received randomly from a bottle with a message found on the beaches, but the star wand recipe must be given by Blathers’ younger sister, Celeste. Both chopsticks work in exactly the same way but have different manufacturing materials.

How to create a magic wand in Animal Crossing- New Horizons

The first step in getting a magic wand is to get a recipe for one. While the bamboo wand recipe can only be received randomly, the star wand will automatically be the first recipe given by Celeste when she visits a player’s island. Celeste will appear on nights when meteorites are raining on the island. These rains occur from 19:00 to 4:00 on the nights when Tom Nook or Isabelle says they will happen during the morning announcements.

After receiving both recipes, the real challenge is to find and obtain the materials. Both chopsticks require star fragments, which are small star fragments that resemble konpeito candies found on the beaches the day after a meteor shower. Although they are not edible like candy, they are essential for processing.

To make sure these materials appear on the beach, players need to tilt the right Joycon stick during a meteor shower, then look at the sky. So when a shooting star starts falling, players should press A to make a wish. Whenever a wish is made, a star fragment spills onto the beach, so players should make as many wishes as possible to accumulate on star fragments. Some players have reported seeing something a little more extraterrestrial in the sky at times, so players should keep their eyes peeled.

Making a star wand in Animal Crossing- New Horizons requires three-star fragments and one large star fragment. When a star is desired, a normal star fragment or a large one is found the next day, but larger star fragments are much rarer than normal ones. Not finding one the next day means players will have to wait until the next meteor shower and try again.

To create a bamboo rod, the circumstances for collecting materials are much simpler and more consistent. While the bamboo wand requires three-star fragments like the star wand, it requires six young spring bamboo sticks instead of a massive star fragment. Bamboo can be obtained from random islands that can be found with Nook Miles tickets. From these islands, players can get bamboo as a material, but also bamboo to replant on their islands so that they can have a constant supply of the plant.

After creating a wand, players can go to a wardrobe or other closet-like object to choose clothes to register with the wand. After registration, players can use their wand to quickly change clothes by selecting them from a wheel, such as a tool ring or the reaction ring.

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