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How to play Animal Crossing – New Horizons with friends

All you need to know to start playing Animal Crossing- New Horizons with your friends. Animal Crossing- New Horizons is fantastic; but all the gathering, building and terraforming activities are even better when you add your friends to the mix. Luckily, New Horizons is full of cooperative multiplayer options and this guide will teach you everything you need to know to play with your friends.

How to play Animal Crossing- New Horizons with your friends

If you want to play Animal Crossing- New Horizons with your friends, you will need to do a few things. First, create your villager and get started. Once completed, time will set the way it should work – New Horizons spends time in real-time – and you can start working on building your island.

Unfortunately, the airport is not yet open and you will have to wait until a full day has passed. Luckily, those who are a little too eager to wait can travel through time and make days go by faster.

After the first day, you will wake up with bright eyes and a thick tail. Get off at the airport and talk to Orville inside. It will examine all the logistics of the game with your friends and also make you accept some important guidelines and terms of service. When you are ready to play with friends, you will have two options to get started.

How to travel to your friends’ island

If you want to travel to a friend’s island, you can choose I want to fly! when talking to Orville at the airport. This will open up a myriad of options including whether you want to connect via local or the Internet. If you connect to a console on the same network as yours, you can choose Local. However, if you want to connect to a distant friend, choose the Internet.

If you choose Local, follow the appropriate steps listed by Orville. If a friend set up their island with a Dodo code, make sure they provide it so they can connect. Otherwise, you can simply connect locally without any other obstacles.

You can also connect via the Internet but you will need the Dodo code we mentioned above and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

How to invite friends to your island

If you want to invite friends to your island, the process works very similarly. Instead of choosing I want to fly !, you will choose I want visitors. So you can set if you want to host locally or via the Internet.

Configuring things locally will allow you to open the doors or set up the island with a Dodo code. If you choose to travel safely with the Dodo Code, be sure to give it to your friends so they can connect.

If you connect via the Internet, you will need to use the Dodo Code method if you don’t want to invite all your friends at the same time. The Dodo Code allows visitors to access your island and is only useful for that visit.

Once the doors are open, however, you can keep them open for as long as you want and give as many friends as the Dodo code you want. When you are ready to close your borders, go back to the airport and talk to Orville and choose to close the gates. This will prevent people from joining who are not already on your island.

When your friends are ready to leave your island, have them go to the airport and talk to Orville. He will take them home on a flight. Now that you know how to play with friends, though, you can prepare for the rest of your adventure by checking out our hub of Animal Crossing- New Horizon guides.

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