How To Create A Quote Block On Reddit To Make Quotes Unique In A Post

Depending on the reason you are visiting the site, Reddit can be different things. The best and worst part about it is that anybody can weigh in on any topic, Meaning, you will have access to amazing information from those who churn them out and wrong information from tho who don’t know what they are talking about.

Are you searching for resume tips? The simple ways to stand out is making your resume simple to read and straight to the point, including academic accomplishments, technical skills, adding a cover letter even when it is not requested e.t.c.

As for if you should tell the employer why you left your former job, it is best to secure the employment first. Don’t start reducing your chances before you even reach the interview stage. It’s like a date, you get one first before telling him or her why you divorced.

On formatting hacks, they are an easy way to ensure your Reddit posts are more efficient. A good formatting trick that is simple to get used to is creating a quote block, to make a section appear unique from the rest. And in Reddit’s user-filled forums, tweaks such as the quote block is a brilliant way to guarantee a more polished and attractive Reddit post for you to entice more users and upvotes.

Even if the block quote format cannot be used through Reddit’s mobile application, you can seamlessly throw a quote block into a post using Reddit’s “Fancy Pants Editor” on your computer. See How To Create A Quote Block On Reddit To Make Quotes Unique In A Post:

How Can I Create A Quote Block On Reddit?:

  • Access Reddit in your favorite browser on your Mac or Personal Computer.
  • Get yourself signed in to your account if that is yet to be done, and access the composition area inside your selected subreddit to create your Reddit post.
Create Quote Block Reddit
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  • After writing the post, highlight the part you’d wish to make a quote block.
  • Tap “Quote Block.” It will be seen as a quote symbol toward the middle of the toolbar, on top of the posting composition area.
Create Quote Block Reddit
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  • Make your last edits and tap “post.”
Create Quote Block Reddit
Photo credit- Business Insider

That is that.

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