How To Create And Upload Torrent Files

When it comes to Torrents, most people are very interested in learning how to download them. It is a brilliant and vital file-sharing system that can be used to share large files seamlessly anytime you want. Therefore, if you are searching for how to create a Torrent, this article will break things down nicely for you once and for all.

First things first, are you aware that your Internet browsing is completely visible by ISPs (Internet Service Providers)? These companies have a way of collecting your personal data and giving it to 3rd parties which is why it is important to keep your data protected and inaccessible to anybody that attempts to collect it. This is especially key if you wish to download and share Torrent files.

On what you need to create Torrent, you must, first, have a file you would love to share on your PC, and it could be one file or several files zipped into a single ZIP archive. Secondly, you will also need a Torrent client. Let’s break down How To Create And Upload Torrent Files:

How Can I Create A Torrent?

  • Before anything else, launch your Torrent client. uTorrent will be used for the sake of this tutorial.

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  • Now, head to File > Create New Torrent (seen in the top-left corner of the app’s window.)
  • After that, you have to tap on either “Add File” or “Add Directory.” If you wish to share one file, you can tap on the first option. The 2nd option is used when you wish to share several files located inside one folder.
  • Head to the file or directory. After that, tap “Open” in the bottom-right corner for confirmation. If you are browsing for a directory, tap “Add Directory.”
  • Adding tracker URLs is important too. By default, uTorrent adds 2 or more trackers which should be fine if you just want to share the Torrent with someone you know. However, things are different if you wish to upload your Torrent to a popular site. For instance, if you wish to use The Pirate Bay, you have to search on Google about TBP’s present tracker URL.
  • Lastly, there is more info like comments, RSS, similar torrents e.t.c. You might not have to fill these fields though. Make up your mind if you wish to create a private or public torrent. If you are not sharing anything classified, a public Torrent can be created.
  • You are done. Once you are through with that, tap “Create.” Choose where you would want to save the Torrent and tap “Save.”

How Can I Upload A Torrent File?

After creating a Torrent file, you can send it to whoever you want. They will be able to use it by adding the file to uTorrent, which will start to download it immediately. However, you can also upload your Torrent and make it available to everyone. See how to make it happen:

  • In this tutorial, we will touch on how to upload your Torrent to The Pirate Bay, a very popular Torrent repository. Just access The Pirate Bay with your Web browser.
  • Ensure you register for a new account by tapping “Register” way down on the page. Fill out the required information and submit. After that, check your email address to confirm your new account.
  • Head to the Home Page of TPB and tap “Login.” Type in your fresh credentials and access the site.
  • As soon as you have accessed your account, tap “Upload Torrent” way down on the page.

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  • Lastly, fill out the required information. You need to upload the freshly created torrent file, enter a name, category, and description. When that is done, tap “Add to Index” and your Torrent will become accessible by everybody.
  • Once more, ensure your uTorrent is open and be certain that you are seeding the newly created Torrent. This will ensure others can access it, download it to their PCs and become seeders too.

That is that.

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