How to Deactivate SmartScreen For Apps You Trust On Windows 10

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Tech Guide

On Windows 10, SmartScreen serves as a security feature that protects your computer and data from external threats that can cause damage to it. When this feature is enabled, it instantly puts an end to the functioning of applications that contain suspect code that may harm your system.

Exactly like SmartScreen for sites, the feature is responsible for sending information directly to Microsoft, which is then put side by side with a list of previously reported files, as soon as a match is found, the filter ends the functioning of the app.

The only downside to this is the fact that you can be faced with false info that can stop a trusted app from working. However, instead of just disabling SmartScreen, you can just whitelist the app by making one or two alterations in its security settings.

In this article, you’ll see the steps to take to disable SmartScreen successfully for a particular app that you want to be blocked, and that you are sure is not a false alarm.

Even though you are allowed to use the “More info.” option and then click on the “Run away.” button, follow these steps to deactivate SmartScreen from ending the functionality of an app:
1. Open the File Explorer.
2. Navigate to the folder that houses the app you are attempting installation for.
3. Double-click that installer.
4. Click the “Close.” button on the “Windows protected your PC.” info.
5. Right-click that installer and tap the Properties option.
6. Tap the “General.” tab.
7. Tick the “Unlock.” option under the “Security.” section.
8. Click “Apply.”
9. Click “OK.”

As soon as the steps are completed, you can go ahead to double-click the .exe file to install the app without any security notification popping up on your screen. Although, if the app is yet to be digitally signed correctly by its programmer, do not be surprised if you still see a User Account Control Notification. As long as you are fully sure that the app is one you can trust, go ahead with the installation.


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