Infinix Xhide – How To Download And Use Xhide

XHide app on XOS caters for the privacy we crave for.

It is a brilliant privacy utility that made its debut on XOS v.2.0 and lets you hide Messages, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Audio Recording and Applications within your smartphone to ensure you are the single person with access to them.

The lovely thing about the XHide is that you can even hide the XHide app.

How You Can Use XHide

  1. Set up the XHide application.
  2. Head to the X-Hide App that is already installed in all Infinix devices running XOS.
  3. Click application, set the four digit PIN and you are set.
  4. Your PIN has to be a 4 digit after ##. For instance, it should be like this, ##7869

Launching The XHide App

To open the XHide app, head to the app drawer, and locate the XHide app or simply launch it dialing ## and your pin.

Like i said earlier, it is also possible to hide the XHide app from the app drawer.

To get that done, open it, head to Settings, activate “Hidden Mode” and then adhere to the instructions on the next page to fully enable hidden mode.

As soon as hidden mode is switched on, XHide app can be launched by dialing ## and then your 4-digit PIN.

Hiding Contents With XHide

It has six categories
Communication: The place for sending private SMS, phonecalls, and saving personal contacts.

Images: The place where personal and classified images can be hidden.

Video: The place where personal and classified clips can be hidden.

Records: The place where personal and classified recordings can be hidden.

App Hide: The place where personal and classified app can be hidden.

And thats it.

FAQs About XHide

  1. To reset your password, dial ##00, you will be asked to type in the answer to your security question. Do that and your password can be reset.
  2. To not hide the X-Hide App, dial ##followed by your password. As soon as the X-Hide interface is visible, select settings, and disable the hidden mode. You will now see the X-Hide app in the App drawer.
  3. To un-hide a Video/Photo/App you hid, open the app, click on Export and export the photo back to the Gallery/App drawer.
  4. For installation of a Hidden App, unhide the application first, then go through the regular process for uninstalling the App.
  5. To Disable the X-Hide Feature on an iPhone you intend to sell, there are a couple of ways to do this, it can be done by clearing and then passing your PIN to the new owner so they can get a new password or you can just perform a Factory Reset and it will send the settings to default so the new owner can start afresh.
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