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Have you just got a smartphone and are you a beginner with Android? Android is a highly customizable operating system, whether you are an expert user or not, you can make changes and customize your smartphone in many ways, both to make it more efficient in terms of performance and battery life, and to make the interface more pleasant despite the different ways of use. After purchasing a new Android smartphone, in fact, the first operation performed by most users is the search for useful guides that can allow you to get the most out of your device.

This is because Android, thanks to its versatility, leaves room for many possibilities for customization, making various modifications easily accessible in order to adapt the smartphone to your needs without affecting its performance. The community puts every day available thousands of ROMs and mods that make the operating system even more long-lived and therefore attractive for users more geeks, who are preparing to perform operations such as obtaining root permissions on their device with the consequent installation of a custom recovery and several custom ROMs.

If some aspects of your Android device are not clear, on TechVaz you can find the most disparate and detailed basic guides to get to know the operating system and for the installation of custom ROM, starting from the basics up to more elaborate functions that at first sight may seem to you precluded.

On TechVaz, moreover, it is possible to find numerous collections of applications, games and custom ROMs that contribute to expanding the user experience in a simple and immediate way thanks to an intuitive interface that is accessible to everyone. Finally, you can compare yourself with other more experienced users in order to clarify doubts and get advice on certain procedures for modifying a specific device.