How to install custom ROMs using TWRP

How to install custom ROMs using TWRP, with this guide you will learn how to install a custom ROM using TWRP recovery on any Android device. It is possible to use this guide to install any custom ROM on any type of phone, the procedure with TWRP recovery is always the same.

Just follow the guide below to install any custom ROM via the TWRP custom recovery. The installation of a custom ROM is very useful for all those users who now no longer receive any official update from the manufacturer. With this recovery, it is possible to install customized ROMs, mods and much more.

The reason could also be because you are always annoyed with using the same operating system. Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that the one you are going to install is the right ROM for your device. The TWRP recovery procedure is always the same.

This is a very simple and easy process. This tutorial is valid for any Android phone and any type of ROM. Follow the step by step guide to install the custom ROM on your phone.

How to install custom ROMs using TWRP

  1. Operation number one you need a good backup of your phone, you can do it in a lot of ways, I like the Nandroid Backup, which can only be done if you have a custom recovery installed and you keep it. [How to]
  2. Operation number two download the drivers you find at this address. [There are almost all types of drivers available]
  3. Your phone must have TWRP recovery installed and must have root permissions, you found the guide on the ROM page.
  4. Now you need to enable USB debugging on your smartphone. Read this simple guide.
  5. If you need it, you need to unlock the OEM, another easy procedure, found in this guide.
  6. Importantly the battery charge must be over 60%.

In this tutorial, you can download the Gapps that are always the same from this link. I believe instead that you have already downloaded the ROM file from the previous article.

Now let’s move on to installing the ROM on your phone.

  1. Download and transfer the ROM and Gapps to your computer, then copy both files to the internal/external memory of the device.
  2. Start the device via TWRP recovery. (Each phone has its own method)
  3. Once in the recovery menu, do a Swipe on the factory reset at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Go back to TWRP recovery in the main menu, tap on “Install”, select the .zip ROM you transferred to the device first in Step 1.
  5. After selecting the .zip file, do a “Swipe to confirm the installation” at the bottom of the screen to start the installation process of the custom ROM. This may take some time.
  6. Once the ROM has been successfully installed, swipe “Wipe cache/dalvik”, then “Swipe to clean” at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Now to install the Gapps you have to redo the method you used to install the custom ROM, step 4 – 5 – 6.
  8. After installing both the ROM and the Gapps, restart the device.

Have you finished. If you have problems let me know in the comments. If you liked this article, please share it.

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