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How to download Zoom on Android and iOS mobile phones

Zoom does not mean being tied to a desk- find out how to download Zoom on your Android and iOS mobile phones. Millions of Italians are working from home these days due to the coronavirus epidemic and this means that the demand for video chat apps and other remote collaboration tools has skyrocketed. If your team is looking for ways to communicate face to face while maintaining social distance, Zoom is just one of the tools available to you.

New remote workers may find themselves using Zoom for the first time and most will likely opt for the Zoom desktop client for Windows or macOS. But what if your remote work situation still requires you to move around, both inside and outside the home?

This is where Zoom Cloud Meetings for iOS and Android comes in. If you’re not sure how to get started with Zoom for your mobile device, it’s time to update.

How to download Zoom on Android and iOS mobile phones

A search in the App Store or in the Google Play Store will reveal many products called Zoom and many other products also by real Zoom manufacturers. Downloading the wrong app, especially if there’s little left for the meeting, can be frustrating.

The app you are looking for is called Zoom Cloud Meetings. Other Zoom apps are for integrations or conference room planning, useful for corporate workers, but not necessarily for those who simply have to host or attend a Zoom meeting on their mobile device.

1. How to host a new meeting in Zoom from your phone 

Anyone with a free Zoom account can host a meeting. Meeting size limits are set to 100 users, including the host, for free and paid accounts, unless you have paid for more capacity. For free Zoom accounts, meetings with two or more people will automatically end within 40 minutes.

After installing the Zoom application on your iOS or Android device, have an active Zoom account, and open a session for the application.

New Zoom Meeting
New Zoom Meeting

From there, simply tap New meeting, then Start a meeting and you’ll be in a new conference where you can access the controls to share documents, invite other people, and do other things similar to what you can do in the desktop version of Zoom for macOS and Windows. 

2. How to join a meeting in Zoom from your phone

If you’ve ever joined a meeting on the Zoom desktop app, you’re familiar with how you join a meeting- the host sends you a link via email, text or in the Zoom app (if you have both details contact details), click the URL, and the Zoom app automatically joins the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting
Join Zoom Meeting

It’s the same on mobile devices- if you receive an email to attend a conference and you have installed the Zoom mobile app, all you have to do is touch the URL of the meeting and Zoom Cloud Meetings will start, adding you to the meeting.

If you don’t have Zoom Cloud Meetings installed, you will see the screen shown, at which point you will need to download and run the app- you don’t need a Zoom account to participate in meetings. Have you seen how to download Zoom to your mobile phone?

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