How To Fix Android Hotspot Not Working

Android Fix
Android Fix

We will be showing you some few steps to take in order to fix android hotspot not working. Almost all android phones have the mobile hotspot feature. Those who do not have the hotspot feature are probably using a very old version of android.

I would say the hotspot is a very necessary feature in a smartphone and would be a deal breaker for many if a smartphone does not have it. The hotspot helps us share out internet connection wirelessly to other Wi-Fi enabled device. Up to 5 people can connect simultaneously to an android device hotspot.

A lot of people use their android device as a Wi-Fi device. Connecting their PC to their android device via WiFi for work. Some others just want to share their data with their friends. The list as to why one needs it’s android hotspot up and running is endless.

So when their android hotspot starts misbehaving, it’s normal to try and fix it. It might be a software problem and it might also be an hardware problem. It might be because there is no service, it might also be because you simply do not have an active data plan.

Whichever might be the case, we will be looking at all the steps you should take that can help you to fix android hotspot not working problem.

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How To Fix Android Hotspot Not Working

  1. Check Data Balance: This might actually sound funny but first thing you have to do is to make sure you have an active data balance. No data means no browsing, no browsing means there is nothing to be tethered via the hotspot. Which might give the illusion that the hotspot is not working.
  2. Disable Battery Saving Mode: Battery Saving mode is used to stop background running apps in order to conserve and save battery. While this might be a great feature, it might also be what is stopping your android hotspot from running at full capacity, thereby causing the problem.

  3. Update Your Android – If your device has an update then try as much as possible to update it. The problem affecting the hotspot on your device might be a software glitch which has been acknowledged and fixed by your phone manufacturer in the new update.

  4. Factory Reset: This should be a last resort as it would Delete all your files and settings on your android device. So do not forget to backup your important files and app before resetting your device.

  5. Check Installed Apps – An app might also be responsible for the hotspot problem on your android device. While it might be best to delete just the app responsible for the hotspot problem, it will also be hard to pin point the particular culprit if you have quite a number of apps installed. So it is advisable to factory reset your device first then be careful of the app you install next.

  6. Take It To A Service Center – If all the solutions above does not work then it definitely not a software problem but an hardware problem which will require the expertise of a phone technician. Also, remember to backup your files before taking it to a phone technician.

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Hotspot problem on an Android device might be because of a number of reason. But most times, the solution for it is usually the easiest and would likely not require a factory reset or the service of a phone technician.

Now that you have learn how to fix android hotspot not working, tell us which particular one worked for you in the comment section.



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