How To Fix Apple TV Freezing Issue

Fix Apple TV Freezing Issue
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As you already know, Apple TV Freezing is now a constant issue since the fresh Apple TV 4 update was released, and this has caused a lot of headache for users and they keep searching for solutions on the internet.

If you are battling this Apple TV freezes or lag from time to time, you are not alone, as it looks like a general issue, except for those who have not updated their Apple TV 4 to the latest update. Not to worry though, because this tutorial will break down how to fix this issue once and for all.
Be aware that if this glitch is as a result of the latest update, you might need to wait until a fresh Apple TV update is released to rectify this issue from your device as soon as you upgrade to it. It is simply a problem with the Apple operating system and we break down the solutions below. See How To Fix Apple TV Freezing Issue:

Fix Apple TV Freezing Issue
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Why Is My Apple TV Freezing?

A frozen Apple TV 4 can be as a result of a failed Siri request. It mostly freezes when a Siri command is issued and Apple’s servers have been very busy to address it. tvOS will not cope with this exception the right way and this will completely freeze your Apple TV.

According to reports, freezing mostly occur severally when the device is being used with content applications like Hulu or HBO NOW. In summary, Apple TV is freezing because it is not a quality product, and most users have gotten used to its system freezes and crashes which usually prevent its operating system from functioning properly.

How Can I Force Restart My Apple TV 4 To Fix Apple TV Freezing?

The Siri remote is actually very useful for force restarting the Apple TV when it is frozen. Simply press and hold the Menu and Home (TV screen) buttons for about six seconds.

Fix Apple TV Freezing Issue
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The front light on your Apple TV base station will start flashing quickly. Just release the buttons and your Apple TV will restart asap. Be aware that restart takes approximately 30 seconds, but if you’re running tvOS 9.2, you might have to wait a bit longer. Also, note that the home screen might freeze after restarting your Apple TV.

How Can I Fix Apple TV Home screen Freezing After Restart?

Sadly, tvOS 9.2 exposed us to a bug where the home screen would freeze after restarting Apple TV, however, it is simple to rectify. Simply wait for about 60 seconds, then click the Siri remote’s touchpad, you will immediately be able to navigate the home screen and use your Apple TV.

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