How To Fly Quicker In Apex Legends

Apex Legend’s success has been shocking since the year started.

It has loosened PUBG and Fortnite’s firm grip on Battle Royale gaming and has been tipped to be the best BR game anytime from now.

There are things to learn from the game too. One of which is how to fly fast in it.

By the end of this article, you will have that knowledge as well.

Why should you need speed as you fly? Because the quicker you land, the faster you loot. If you are on the ground first and the Peacekeeper is firmly in your hands, those mere mortals that land after you will be in for it.

Apex Legends is a game that is all about being rapid or you die. The capability to either be in flight further during the initial drop or be in flight quicker to get looting can basically be the difference between a victorious game or a frustrating one. If you engage in flying straight, congratulations, but you will only be flying fast but not far. Fly far and you will most likely go slow. Any of the options and you are still behind the game and not ahead of it.

Fly Quick Apex Legends

Check around you when you drop and you will discover players flying in straight lines. They have the “W” key locked down hard with the hope that they reach the guns before anyone else. You hit your mark, the air brake hits and you land slowly.

Constant velocity is okay but as you are in flight, this will drop little by little. Your job is to make the most of your drop velocity and keep it that way for as long as possible so you can have a more than decent game.

Areas near the flight path where you’ll drop can get really crowded so you have to be super quick here as everyone else can make the most of their drop speed. Loot points further ahead of the flight path are a lot more quiet to get loaded out and find your way into the center. But that translates to more and slow flying and the possibility of losing to more rapid flyers.

Flying into a battle zone in a straight line is like plying Sarri Ball against Manchester City – It is a disaster. And you can ask any air force pilot, I bet you they’ll agree with me.

There is a more assured way. Fly in a wave pattern.

Fly downwards till you hit 140 speed, after that, flatten out into a downward glide until your speed reduces to 135. Then keep dropping and gliding. As soon as you are above your preferred landing spot, dive vertically to land.

That’s how to make your presence felt.

The vertical plane is where speed is gained while the horizontal plane is for gaining distance. Get familiar with that fact about them and you will be able to utilize the dopest way to land at launch in Apex Legends.

The steps will require a bit of practice but that is definitely going to aid you to be consistent with your speed all through your landing and keep away from the worst of the air brake finish before descending. Since no fall damage is taken in Apex Legends, you always want to avoid a bumpy fall.

Mastering the game has to do with timing. Your dive glides e.t.c. It is important so you can have your impact at maximum speed with the required height still remaining to be able to dive unbending to the loot point. Even if it is really close between you and another team, then that last dive will ensure you are first to hit the ground first and get the guns.

If you have tried Anthem before, the same concept works here. Flying in a wave pattern aids you to cool your jets. Heat is not a friend in that game when it comes to being in flight. Cool your planes by diving and then glide to cover a distance.

Straight Lines Reveals Your Competition

One key benefit for those smoke trails at the start, apart from feeling cool, is to let you know how much of a match your competition is. Do you view several wavy lines in the sky? Your competition has more knowledge about the game and how it should be played.

Any which way, there is a clear sign of how the game might go. Definitely, a newbie can still get lucky, but planning for a game ahead is only possible if you are aware of who you are battling against.

That is how you fly quicker in Apex Legends right now. Games change so expect alterations anytime, but until then, learn this method and you to get the loot before the competition.

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