How to hard reset Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone

As we have seen for the screenshot procedure we now want to take care of how to do a hard reset on the Xiaomi Mi 9. This procedure is valid both for the Xiaomi Mi 9 and for the Mi 9 SE and also for the transparent Mi 9 and allows to restore the smartphone to the factory conditions. To learn more about the Mi 9 check here.

A return to the origins

The Xiaomi Mi 9 hard reset is the fastest and most effective way to completely reset your smartphone, eliminating all the data in it. It is important to specify how the Xiaomi Mi 9 hard reset only intervenes on the internal memory of the device. Formatting removes all types of installed applications, accounts, media files, text messages, and settings. A deep cleaning that completely restores the smartphone back to factory conditions, as if it had just come out of the store where it was bought.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 hard reset procedure, although it is more correct to talk about procedures, is irreversible and once started can not and should not be interrupted. Also, for this reason, it is always recommended to carry it out only with the battery of the charged phone or connecting it directly to the power outlet. A piece of fundamental advice to follow before proceeding is to make a backup copy of your smartphone, in order to always have a safety copy to refer to.

An extreme solution?

Format the Xiaomi Mi 9

For many, the hard reset Xiaomi Mi 9 is a sort of the last beach on which to land before trashing the smartphone. In reality, it is not a process to be started only when the device does not work. Although the formatting is decisive for many software problems, it is also useful to delete your personal data. This is very useful if you want to sell or give away your smartphone and you want to avoid leaving traces of your use. This operation is necessary both for a matter of privacy and fairness towards the person who will use the device.

We mentioned earlier how it is more correct to talk about Xiaomi Mi 9 hard reset procedures. There are two possibilities to start the formatting process. One uses the appropriate function present within the operating system (in this case Android 9 Pie), the other the recovery mode accessible through the physical keys of the device. This distinction is very useful to meet different needs. For example, if the smartphone does not turn on or you can not use the touch screen, you can reset everything by starting the reset from the physical buttons. Alternatively, the procedure internal to the operating system is equally effective.

Xiaomi Mi 9 hard reset procedures

Reset from the settings menu

  • The smartphone must be switched on;
  • Go to the phone’s Settings menu;
  • Select Synchronization;
  • Press on Google;
  • Select your account;
  • Click on the More button (accessible from the three dots below);
  • Press on Remove account;
  • Return to the Settings menu and select Additional Settings;
  • Select Backup & Restore, then Factory data reset;
  • Confirm by selecting Reset device and then Delete all;
  • The smartphone will automatically start the reset and reboot before completing the operations.

Reset from recovery mode

  • The smartphone must be turned off;
  • Press and hold the Power key and the Volume up key;
  • Release the keys as soon as the Xiaomi logo appears;
  • Navigate within the recovery mode using the volume keys and confirm the choice with the power button;
  • Select and confirm on Wipe data/factory reset;
  • Select Yes – Wipe all user data and confirm;
  • The smartphone will reset and at the end the reboot system now button will appear;
  • Select and confirm the restart to complete the procedure.
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