How To Increase Android App Downloads?

It is common knowledge that providing an application that does not crash is vital if you aim to achieve a high number of downloads. Apps filled with bugs will take a while to fix. By the time your developers gets to find out about the situation, user frustrations will be made known already and reports of it will be circulated and such can really harm your business.

Sadly though, a brilliant app will not guarantee several millions of downloads. These are some marketing and optimization steps you can take to ensure your apps gets downloaded by a very high number of people.

Collaborate With Influencers

An expert review can do the job here. Monitor search engine rankings, organic referrals, or social media mentions to view who has been talking about your application.

Locate people with high followings or those that are experts at what you do. Find a way to promote your application. Influencers can influence download rates and buys since they can easily convince users to put their faith in new products.


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App Store Optimization

If you intend to have more people download your app, it has to be simple enough for them to find it. App Store Optimization, ASO, is all about optimizing app rankings. How vital this is cannot be overrated.

Rankings relies on metadata like descriptions, ratings, reviews, keywords and so on. Although, there is always the right way you can apply certain keywords. Monitor metrics like keyword rankings and app store impressions and that can go a long way.

Google Keyword Planner and Apple Search Ads are massive research tools that can be used for free.

To ensure your app scores higher in the app store, ensure the app description is rearranged to suit present trends. Bear in mind that the number of downloads also have its effect on the ranking. But, other aspects have to be catered for to directly increase downloads.


These are not compulsorily discounts or sales, plus there are several ways to promote your brand or your app on lots of platforms. Your aim is to boost awareness and drive increased traffic to the app store.

Sponsored content, online articles, videos, ads, social media posts, tutorials – all these can be to your benefit as far as your target is the appropriate demographic.


Manage Your Social Media Profiles

When you attempt to promote an application, social media platforms can step in remarkably. They offer a way for users to converse with themselves and share their insight and experiences from making use of the application.

You can personally interact with your users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Inform them that you take their suggestions and complains seriously.

However, managing social media profiles can be complicated. Being active on more than one platform is massive if you desire exposure. Although, it also has its disadvantages, since you can spread yourself too thin. If you intend to promote your application and interact with the community, your contents must also be kept fresh.

Using the same content from one platform to another one, is not the best. A social media profile with little activity will not attract trust. Neither does a profile with below–par content turn any heads.

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Take Your Reviews Seriously

Not everyone calms down to rate an app, talk more of reviewing it in 50 words or less. Having said that, it is a popular fact that positive reviews are a great way to get more downloads that will make you marvel. Urging users to rate and review your app regularly is a reasonable idea.

Just make sure that you are not arrogant about your request. Depending on your niche and the average usage time, sending automatic notifications every 5-10 sessions will be possible.

Allow the complete process to be seamless and quick for users to wrap up. Setting the notification on log-in or on log-out is also a great idea. By so doing, it will not intrude with the experience of making use of the app.

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