How To Locate Your LG G5’s IMEI Number

For anyone that owns an LG G5, it is vital to be aware of what your IMEI no is.

For a quick explanation, the LG G5 IMEI no is a serial no that will enable the smartphone to be identified correctly plus also aid it to be blacklisted if you declare it stolen.

This is why it is a great idea to write the IMEI no of your LG G5 down immediately after you buy it since it is quite long and might not be easily remembered off hand. This aids you to prove ownership of the phone when the thieves get it off you, and you want it back, as it could be the only evidence you have to show if the pilferer deletes all your data

The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, IMEI, is a unique number for every device to identify with. The IMEI no is used by GSM providers to confirm if devices are valid and that the LG G5 is not a stolen or blacklisted one. Going through a lot of IMEI-no confirmation for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile will ensure that LG G5 is usable.

The IMEI of your device can be checked via different ways on your phone.

To locate the LG G5 IMEI using the device itself, access your phone’s home screen, head over to phone settings, then click on Device Information and then Status. This is where you’ll view several information entries in your device. One of them is IMEI. Choose that, and your IMEI serial number will be shown to you almost immediately.

If that is too much work, you can use a service code. To get this done, head to the Phone app and dial *#06#, the phone will display the IMEI asap.

Most definitely, the easiest way to know the IMEI no of your LG G5 is to just come to check the packaging of the device when you first purchase it, and it will be on a sticker. Write it down before you misplace the pack.

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