How To Pay For New MyTV Africa Yearly Subscription


MyTV is a brilliant African platform that guarantees both Nigerian and international channels, with complete focus on African content. The service can be enjoyed in several locations, on a standard 60cm parabolic antenna (dish).

MyTV Africa is actually relayed by the BIS1 satellite (located at 51.5° East), and it only requires a duly activated My TV Smart Card and a compliant advanced security Conax or CDCAS Digital Satellite Receiver.

My TV serves English-speaking TV homes across Africa and Nigeria, and its present models are SRT 4940 and SRT 497S, both High Definition-capable. In summary, any amount you part with to be a MyTV customer will guarantee value for your hard-earned money. See How To Pay For New MyTV Africa Yearly Subscription:

Pay MyTV Africa Subscription
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How Can I Pay For The New MyTV Africa Yearly Subscription?

If you stay in Nigeria, payment for your My TV subscription is very possible through:

  1. Recharge (Scratch) card bought from a MyTV dealer.
  2. Buy ePIN from a MyTV dealer.
  3. Use your eTranzact Card.
  4. Use the CITISERVE point of sales closest to you
  5. Use the Interswitch payment system, via any branch of Acess Bank, FBN, Fin Bank, Eco Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Unity Bank and Wema Bank.
  6. Use any of the Interswitch Quicktellers ATM network.
  7. Online at www.quickteller.com.

For Quickteller payment, just:

  1. Head to www.quickteller.com.
  2. Enter MyTV in a search box provided.
  3. A MyTV logo would be visible to you.
  4. Tap the MyTV Africa logo.
  5. Enter an active email address in the box provided.
  6. Enter your MyTV Africa Smart Card number in the box provided.
  7. Tap “Continue.”
  8. A new window will then load where you should enter your ATM Card information and wrap up payment.
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Pay MyTV Africa Subscription
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How Can I Locate A MyTV Dealer?

How Can I Check The Expiry Date Of My MyTV Subscription?

To confirm the expiry date of your present My TV subscription, simply press “Menu” on the remote control handset of your STRONG receiver, tap “CA”, choose “CONAX”, choose “EVENT STATUS” and the expiry date will be visible on the top line beneath “EVENT STATUS”

How To Fix MyTV Channels That Are Not Accessible?

  1. Ensure your receiver is powered up, tuned to a MyTV channel, and make sure the MyTV Smart Card is properly inserted in the Receiver.
  2. You should also confirm that your subscription has not expired.

That is that.


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  1. Since Friday,19th June,2021, I have been trying to subscribe to Mytv annual subscription through Union bank mobile application as usual but didn’t fly.
    I even contacted your distributor in Abeokuta (vogatech). I sent N3,500 and decoder sim no. But told me today that it’s didn’t go and return the money to me.
    What is the way forward?
    Kindly explain


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