How Can I Use My Apple News Plus Subscription To Avoid Paywalls?

Apple’s latest premium News Plus service provides a lot for the money you get to pay. You will be allowed to access more than 300 different magazines and newspapers. It will definitely cost you more to subscribe to every single one individually, and several people can come out ahead if they only read a few magazines in News Plus every month.

The News Plus subscription provides lots of value, but there is something you must know- It only works inside the Apple News app on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device. If you are checking out a Wall Street Journal or New Yorker article in your browser or you click a link while you are in Twitter or any other service, yo can not view the complete thing there since you do not possess a different account with those publications.


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Sadly, there is a simple way to make use of your News Plus subscription even if you are not directly seeing an article in the News app. You can make your iOS device pen the post in the News app where you will be shown the entire article and zero paywalls.

To get this done, simply tap “Share” and click “Open in News” which can be seen in the 2nd row. The article will be opened in the News app, and if it is a supported magazine or newspaper, you can read the full thing. What is weird though, is that “Open in News” does not appear in in-app browsers, like what Twitter makes use of, so you will need to open the link in Safari before it can be sent to Apple News.


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There are some warnings though, there is no way to send articles from the browser to the News app on macOS. And if you are attempting to read something that is not under News Plus subscription, like one of The New Yorker’s online articles, which are not included, do not expect it to function like it should. But as a News Plus subscriber who intends to search for articles that are not in the News app and still want to be able to view them, this is a simple way to get it done.

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