How to Use Twitter Blue: Undo Tweet, Bookmark Folders, More

Before now, most of us would not think of paying to use Twitter. Of course, when the news of Twitter Blue first arrived, there were those who believed it will not see the light of day.

Twitter has rolled out what is known as Twitter Blue in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  It is a premium service that brings a lot of opportunities for Twitter users, who are required to pay monthly in order to enjoy the service. Paying the subscription means enabling those new services.

In this article, we will be examining all the new features that you stand to enjoy when you make use of Twitter Blue. It may not be available in your area now but you can get the knowledge you need so that when it is available, it will be easy for you to decide if you want to subscribe to it.

Twitter Blue features include add-free articles on Twitter, making changes to published tweets, uploading longer videos, how to have more control over your tweets, and more.

Twitter Blue Subscription

Twitter is offering the opportunity for its loyal and dedicated customers to pay a small fee in other to enable additional features while they use the platform. Subscribers will be able to enhance and customize their experience. Users will pay a monthly price of $2.99 to get additional features.

The Blue Broader Launch

The company has not officially stated that it will broaden the Blue subscription service to cover more areas worldwide. But there are signs that it will. For now, only a small percentage of Twitter users are enjoying the additional features.

If for now, just one percent of Twitter users take up this subscription, the company will earn up to $7 million per month. If the service is successful, the company will not hesitate to spread it abroad.

What do you stand to gain when you make use of the Twitter Blue Subscription service? Let’s now analyze the features one by one below.

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  • Undo Tweet: This feature makes it possible for one to publish a tweet, and afterward revise it. If the tweet is not up to one minute it can be undone. If it is a thread, you can undo it too. If you’re replying to a tweet, you can undo it in less than 60 seconds too.
  • Bookmark folders: You are now able to bookmark your tweets in order to make it easy for you to find them anytime you want. You can create several folders for bookmarked tweets. Anytime you try to bookmark a tweet, you will be asked which folder you want to add it to.
  • Ad-free articles: Read news articles from your favorite websites without seeing annoying ads. The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone, and other online news portals will present news to you without ads. More than 45 sites have partnered with Twitter to make this happen. They get part of your subscription fees. This feature doesn’t apply to when you use other parts of Twitter.
  • Reader for threads: The new reader mode enables threads that are longer than what obtains in the regular Twitter. Once you scroll through a thread, you will see large tiles showcasing each tweet under, with accompanying videos or photos. You will not see username, avatar, date, or numbers as the case used to be. Everything is kept simple. Also, make viewing easier by customizing text size, making it larger or smaller.
  • Custom navigation: It is now easy to customize the Twitter navigation bar if it doesn’t work the way you want. Now you can add lists, bookmarks, profiles, and monetization icons. This works in the Twitter Blue subscription service for now, and with only iOS devices.
  • App icons: It is possible to choose your own kind of Twitter app icon to display on your home screen. There are eight permanent icons and three seasonal icons as well to choose from.
  • Themes: there are up to six theme colors. Blue is the original color but if you don’t want that, you can pick another color such as yellow, red, purple, orange, and green.
  • Top articles: You will see which articles are the most tweeted in your network. When people you follow tweet, retweet, or quote articles, you will be able to see the 25 most popular articles under the Top Articles tab. You can either tap the article to read or tap on profiles to join the conversation. Make sure to follow more accounts to get a better experience in Top Articles.

What Devices can use Twitter Blue?

At the present time, the service is restricted in all senses. Only iOS or Android devices can make use of Twitter Blue additional features. The company plans to increase the demographics of users in the near future. For now, iOS devices outside the specified countries that you see above will not be able to enjoy the Blue service. Some of the features above may not work on Android devices for now but they will be available when other regions are able to have access to it. Twitter has not announced when it will make the subscription service available in other countries.

What happens to free Twitter?

Nothing. It will still be there for those who like to continue using it. It will still be free. Those who want more can choose to opt-in to the Twitter Blue service.

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What will Twitter Blue Cost?

The subscription list price is as follows:

  • In the USA – $2.99
  • In Australia – $4.49
  • In Canada – $3.49
  • In New Zealand – $4.49

Take note that what is up here is called introductory price, which means that these could change at any time.

How to sign up for Twitter Blue

To sign up for Twitter Blue on iOS or Android, follow the next instructions:

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Tap your profile image to access the profile menu.
  3. Tap Twitter Blue
  4. Tap the Subscribe button at the bottom of the page
  5. Make the payment. To pay, make use of Apple Pay or Google Play on Android.

That’s it for iOS and Android for Twitter Blue.

For signing up on the web, do the following:

  1. Go to the Twitter website.
  2. On the left side, click More.
  3. Click Twitter Blue.
  4. Click Subscribe at the bottom of the page.
  5. Make payment via Stripe.


Take note that these new changes mean a lot to people who have wanted to do more with Twitter. The company is giving them what they want while it gets something in return. If Twitter is able to keep the service cheap and efficient, certainly more people will like to embrace the Twitter Blue Subscription service in the future.

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