The best Android ROMs you can install in 2024

Until a few years ago, the use of third-party ROMs on our Android devices was one of the most common and usual practices, mainly due to the passivity of most manufacturers when it came to updating their devices to the latest version of Android. Today, although the use of ROMs has collapsed, there are still those who bet on this type of software developed by independent cooks, which sometimes provides new useful functions by offering new life for free to the device on which it is installed.

How to install Android Pie on your Android phone

But what are the best Android ROMs in 2024? Over the years, some of the most popular ROMs have disappeared, while others have remained on the wave to support dozens of different devices. In this article, we select some of the best.

The best Android ROMs in 2024


The ROM platform par excellence, known until the beginning of 2018 as CyanogenMod, is still today one of the best custom ROMs that a user can install on their Android device to give a new life and enjoy the native features of the Google operating system, configured to work perfectly on virtually any existing model.

LineageOS is an open-source operating system based on Android, whose community works daily to support as many devices as possible. By default, the ROM is a practically clean version of AOSP, with some additions included by the Lineage team, but with no unnecessary extras – in fact, it is the user who decides whether or not to install Google applications.

Today LineageOS offers support for a huge number of devices, from brands like ASUS, BQ, Google, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola or Samsung. All versions can be downloaded from the official LineageOS website. The last version of LineageOS available corresponds to version 15.1 based on Android 8.0 Oreo, although the company claims to be close to releasing the first official versions of LineageOS 16 based on Android Pie.

How to install LineageOS on your Android phone

Paranoid Android

If there is a ROM platform capable of resisting LineageOS in terms of popularity, it is undoubtedly Paranoid Android . Version 8 is the last one available, and like LineageOS is based on the AOSP system, and includes various configuration and customization options, such as PIE controls, gesture control, theme support and much more.

The number of Paranoid-compatible devices is lower than that of LineageOS – something obvious, on the other hand, because LineageOS has a larger developer community – and its development is not so fast. Today, the version based on Android Pie has already begun the test phase, with several Xiaomi devices that are the first to be compatible with this rom.

How to install Paranoid Android on your Android phone

Pixel Experience

A relatively new ROM, but with a very promising future is Pixel Experience. Its main leader, the developer jhenrique09, aims to bring Pixel Google to an increasing number of users. It is equipped with many additional components that we find on Big C phones, these add-ons range from the startup program to icons, to startup animation and much more.

In the same way, it guarantees the maximum possible stability and the developer guarantees that safety is one of the essential aspects. It is currently compatible with devices from 14 different brands, including Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei or Motorola. The ROM can be downloaded from the official Pixel Experience page.

How to install Pixel Experience on your Android phone


Another platform that you find in this article on the best Android ROMs that you can install in 2024 is OmniROM. Since its inception, the intention of the community after this initiative has been to offer the maximum possible stability to users, through fully functional ROMs with useful functions, where personalization is an essential factor.

Once again we find a ROM based on AOSP, available for installation on dozens of different devices, including the latest models of brands such as OnePlus, Sony or Xiaomi.

How to install Omnirom on your Android phone

Resurrection Remix OS

Every Android user who loves customization should try Resurrection Remix. This AOSP based ROM offers dozens of features through which you can change the system interface, from the initial screen to the notifications panel, through the different menus and even the recent applications screen.

It also includes extra options such as the ability to upgrade to the latest ROM version via the OTA system, monthly security patches and much more. It is compatible with over 80 different device models and the latest versions can be downloaded from the official website of the platform.

How to install Resurrection Remix OS on your Android phone

Dirty Unicorns

This slogan hides one of the most famous Android ROMs of recent times, Dirty Unicorns. It is an open source platform that was launched in 2012 and today is formed by a large team of independent developers supporting more than 20 different devices.

The latest builds of Dirty Unicorn are based on Android 9 Pie, so any user with a compatible device can enjoy the benefits of the latest Android version on its terminal. You can download the corresponding version for each device on the official website of Dirty Unicorns.

How to install Dirty Unicorns on your Android phone

AOSP Extended

Those looking to enjoy a ROM as close as possible to Android Stock, but don’t want to give up the ability to customize the system to their liking, you can find the new AOSP Extended ROM. As the name suggests, this platform is based on the AOSP code and takes advantage of “extensions” which consist of integrated system settings added to modify aspects that, by default, are not customizable.

Its developers claim to offer Google’s monthly security patches upon release, as well as focusing their efforts on improving the performance of any compatible device. Today, over 14 Android phone and tablet brands are supported by AOSP Extended, which has enabled the platform to reach nearly one million installations worldwide since September 2017. The AOSP Extended download center collects all the packages available for each of the compatible devices.

How to install AOSP Extended on your Android phone

How to install a ROM on your mobile, step by step

If you have already chosen the ROM you want to install on your Android phone, the next step is, logically, to install it on the device. The process is relatively simple, if you follow the steps indicated, you need to keep in mind that installing a ROM or performing any internal changes to the phone software involves certain risks.

Furthermore, although the steps to follow are generally similar for almost all ROMs, before performing the installation it is necessary to check the official website for those who have chosen to verify the specific requirements of the platform.

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