How to protect yourself from the blue light emitted by mobile phones?

blue light emitted by mobile
blue light emitted by mobile

It is often said that the blue light of mobile devices has negative effects on eye health. In fact, this is true because it directly attacks the retina and causes even more serious problems. So what are the solutions to protect yourself from its harmful effects?

The consequences of blue light

Each natural light radiation corresponds to a wavelength that determines its color. The blue light is between 478 and 483 nm. Although this is still weak, it disturbs the man’s biological clock. It can also destroy the retina and cause cataracts.

Causes progressive degeneration of the macula, which allows you to see the details. In severe cases, exposure to blue light can cause vision loss.

Aware of these dangers, manufacturers offer many solutions. There are, among others, filter glasses and downloadable applications.

Filter glasses and lenses

The blue light or more precisely the blue-violet light is found in the LEDs used for the illumination of the screens and its power is 100 times greater than that of normal light.

In fact, it presents a danger to the eyes.

The best way to avoid this is to reduce the exposure time, but since mobile devices have become indispensable, this is almost impossible.

That’s why experts currently offer many solutions including the use of anti-blu ray glasses like this French brand They are not very beautiful to look at, but they prevent harmful radiation from reaching the eyes.

Lenses are another alternative, but they are only 25% effective. If these first tools are not suitable, there are other ways to protect the health of the effects of using screens.

The filter or digital stream

The next solution is to install an application that corrects the lighting of the mobile screen.

For this, you must download it for free on the Internet.

This will change the screen’s light rays and protect the retina from blue light.

For some time, the screen of some mobile phones has a filter that needs to be activated only. However, as with the filter glasses, the problem of the yellow-orange color still appears.

Currently, manufacturers are innovating their products and are looking for a way to remedy this disadvantage. Therefore, they plan to move the blue-violet wavelengths towards the turquoise blue ones.

The Android options

This is an unsustainable solution, but it helps to limit the impact of blue light on the eyes. It is, therefore, necessary to configure the parameters of the mobile phone, change the display settings and then open the “Adaptive brightness” tab.

Lighting will change based on natural light. So, we have to go back to the previous page, click on “night lighting” then “Activate now” to make the screen red amber. To choose the intensity, use the slider and the phone is ready for safe use.

In short, given that today it is impossible to do without mobile phones in the world, it is essential to protect your eyes to keep your eyes healthy. For this, there are many solutions, but they still do not solve all the problems.


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