How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A21

It’s one of the most awesome features of an Android device- taking a screenshot. The essential function can be located on any device, but each company can simply add a twist and they actually do their things differently and might add some other things to make the screenshot steps more useful and powerful. Samsung goes beyond and above on the Galaxy A21 to give you many unique ways to take a screenshot, plus extra tips to take a scrolling list and make fast edits after taking the screenshots.

Here are all the steps you can use to take, share and edit screenshots on the Galaxy A21:

  • Scrolling capture
  • Button combo screenshot
  • Bixby Voice
  • Palm swipe screenshot

Scrolling capture

Whether you carry out a screenshot with the keys combination or the palm swipe, you’ll sometimes see an extra alternative in that edit bar at the bottom- “scroll capture.” This alternative allows you to automatically move (in applications that vertically scroll) and join together different screenshots into one super-long screenshot.

  1. Tap and open the content you want to capture on your screen.
  2. Whatever application you have open, it should be able to vertically move — take note that in other to begin this step at the top of what you wish to screenshot since the moving only goes downward.
  3. Make use of the key combo or the palm swipe to execute the screenshot.
  4. Click scroll capture at the base of the screenshot edit menu.
  5. Click scroll capture until you’ve seen everything in the application that you want to capture.
  6. The extra-long scrolling screenshot will automatically save in the same way as others — you can now simply crop, edit and share it.

Button combo screenshot

This method of taking a screenshot is the simplest process to capture a screenshot and this method is the most used method by people.

  1. Click and open whatever you wish to capture on your screen.
  2. Now hold and Press the volume down key and power key for about 3 seconds.
  3. You’ll notice the screen shrinking in, and the editing options will quickly show up on the screen.
  4. If you wish to carry out some edit on the screenshot right after you have captured it, then you can click the bottom options to crop, draw or share it right away.
  5. If you miss those keys, what you have screenshot will be saved in the notification shade, where you can make it bigger and click the options to share, edit and even delete it.
  6. If you release notifications, the screenshot can also still be located in the Gallery or any other application you may use to control photos, like Google Photos.

Palm swipe screenshot

Samsung also gives a secondary process for getting to the same screenshot options, using the edge of your hand to move across and turn on the process.

  1. Simply perform this step by going to Settings, then click on Advanced features and ensure that “Palm swipe to capture” is switched on.
  2. Click and open whatever you want to capture on the screen.
  3. Now simply place the surface of the palm of your hand on the border of the screen, and in one action swipe it across the screen of the device.
  4. The screenshot will be taken in the same way and you will be able to edit the crop and share it too.
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