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How To Use Facebook’s New Dating App

For several years, a lot of people had attempted to turn Facebook into a dating application by sending naked photos via Messenger, making passes at users in photo comments and generally stalking people’s accounts. We believe all of this and more must’ve given Mark Zuckerberg a hint because Facebook Dating was eventually launched. Therefore, to achieve being in a relationship with that male/female you’ve been eyeing on Facebook, see How To Use Facebook’s New Dating App:

Use Facebook Dating App
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How Can I Use Facebook’s New Dating App?

The truth is that Facebook Dating is not a standalone application, as it is built right into the popular website. If you are on Facebook, that already gives you an edge because you need one to use the Facebook Dating platform. Even if your Dating profile is separate, the Dating section gets some of your info from your other profile.

To start, before anything else, head to the Facebook application, click on the menu icon in the upper right side of the display and click “Dating.” If “Dating” is not visible, “See More” will be seen. You will then be directed to the dating section of Facebook. Tap “Get Started” and adhere to the on-screen instructions for setting up a profile. You have to let Facebook know if it is a male or female you are looking for, your location, and you can select a superb picture of yourself.

From there, Facebook will instantly generate a dating profile on your behalf by skimming your non-dating profile. You’ll then be able to adjust the profile to precisely how you want it by removing specific things, plus adding pictures and posts from your Instagram by clicking “Preview Profile” when you are totally satisfied, then tap “Done.”

After that, Facebook will begin to send you matches. This process can take lots of days, but you can be rest assured that Facebook will not send you your present Facebook friends. Also, nobody will view your dating activities outside of the Dating section of Facebook. If the person you are matched with looks appealing to you, just click the heart icon on their Dating feed.

To begin a conversation with your matches, click their profile picture and the option to enter a message will be visible. When you are done typing that fire introduction, click the arrow icon to send the message. Messages can be accessed by clicking “Conversation” way up on the feed display.

To match up with people who have the same interests as you, head to the menu and click “Suggestions From Your Events” or “Suggestions From Your Groups,” then click on an event or group, slide the button close to it and click “See Suggested Matches.”

How Can I Add A Secret Crush On The Facebook Dating App?

Use Facebook Dating App
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  • Head to the menu.
  • Click “Go to Secret Crush.”
  • Click “Got It.”
  • Click the + icon.
  • Search for your crush’s name and add them by clicking the + icon close to their name.

How To Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile?

If you finally find the woman/man of your dreams, then you do not need the app anymore. To get rid of it, simply head to “Dating” in the Facebook menu options. Click on the icon on the top right side of the display, click “Delete Profile” under “General,” and then click “Delete.”

You are done.

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