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How You Can Message Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

Personal messaging is taking over the world, and the apps that cater for it are doing a remarkable job to provide amazing options for users. The messaging apps you love the most actually depends on your home location and the phone you use on a daily basis. In the USA for example, iPhone users depend on iMessage for their convos while users of Android devices most likely prefer Facebook Messenger, Google Allo or other chat platforms. Users outside of the US resort to WhatsApp, which is the most popular of all messaging apps for millions of users all over the globe, especially in Africa, India, South America, and Europe.

Making use of Whatsapp is like an enhanced version of the regular SMS, and one of the best features you get with it is the effortless ability to block people on it. This aids you to distance yourself from a possible dangerous conversation, where you feel unsafe or skeptical about a particular contact. Blocking a user on Whatsapp is one of the simplest things to do, but the best thing is it can be undone in an even simpler way.

However, even though the blocker feels fulfilled after getting rid of a contact, the blockee is not a happy guy or girl. It can be really annoying to get blocked, especially if the reasons were fickle or untrue.

But quick question, do you think it is possible to message a contact that blocked you? And is there a way to know if you have been blocked by someone? See your answers below:

How To Be Aware If You Are Blocked

Like most social network and messaging platforms, Whatsapp gives you no clue that you have been blocked. But can you blame the developers? Since this can cause massive danger to the blocker. That is not to say that it is impossible though. There are several tiny, little clues that will expose the fact that you are a blockee if you really pay attention to them. Trust me; it is quite simple to be sure you have been blocked by someone when these clues come together.

One way to do this is by checking to confirm if your contact’s profile photo has remained the same for a while. If you were used to that contact changing pictures often, the chances are that you have been blocked, because the new pictures will not be shown on your own Whatsapp anymore.

Another method to use is to study their contact info to notice when they were last seen on Whatsapp. If you can no longer see this, two reasons might be behind this; it could be that the person recently updated his or her privacy settings to no longer display that information to others or you have been blocked.

The most dependable way of finding what you seek is by simply messaging the person. Most sent messages on WhatsApp will display two checkmarks, the first checkmark means message sent, the second tells you your message has been delivered. If a contact has blocked you, you will never see the 2nd checkmark that will signify message delivered.

For more proof of your blocked status, if you try to call the person on Whatsapp, it will be impossible.

WhatsApp made it clear to users that things are knowingly unclear to safeguard the privacy of the individual that blocked you on the messaging platform, and they will not be the party to spill the beans. Being happy or sad about this decision aside, we can all relate to the privacy and sensible side of things.

Having said that, one might feel the need to message a person who has blocked him or her on WhatsApp, some of the reasons might be genuine, some, not so much, so the safety of both parties is key here.

Please, note that TechVaz is not encouraging anyone to use the WhatsApp platform to harass, intimidate, threaten, or bother others. You will be doing that at your own risk.

Now to the ways to message someone that blocked, check out how to get this done:

Sending A Message Via Text

The first solution is pretty obvious, but you’d still be shocked that several users of Whatsapp do not remember to resort to it. Even if lots of people around the world no longer use SMS to reach out to their friends and family, smartphones still have the ability to send to an SMS number. And since WhatsApp contacts depend on making use of your smartphone’s phone number to add or store users in your phone, it is so simple to switch over to your phone’s SMS app and send an SMS to the contact that blocked you. Since they were your Whatsapp contact, then you have their phone no. While it is possible that you have been blocked totally, on and off the WhatsApp messaging platform, you can attempt s simple SMS to the user you are trying to reach out to.

Create A New Account

WhatsApp depends on your phone number for adding and messaging of contacts. WhatsApp can also be aware of your number via your phone’s contacts list, whether your phone makes use of the same phone number as your Whatsapp account or not. So you create a brand new account by making use of another phone number. This is dependent on you already possessing the other individual’s contact information saved in your device, including your ability to register for a service like Google Voice.

The first thing we require is another phone number. Several apps are available to grant you new or temporary phone numbers, but we will recommend Google Voice, kindly be aware that it can only be registered in the US right now even if there are guides on the internet to aid you in gaining access to it outside the US. There are also well known alternate number platforms that can function for your country.

As soon as you get a new number, you are prepared to start setting up a new WhatsApp account. The Android version of WhatsApp is our focus to test out this service, so be aware it might be different on an iPhone or any other OS.

Begin by logging out of your WhatsApp account. Or, uninstall and reinstall the app to undergo a fresh installation. When you view the login screen for WhatsApp, the messaging platform will request for your phone number to sign up your account and verify your phone. Instead of typing in your present phone number, make use of secondary number you created via Google Voice or any other secondary number service you decided on. Click Next and WhatsApp will alert you to the number that needs verification. Ensure you typed in the secondary number without mistakes, as soon as you cross-check that, click OK to forge ahead to the next step.

Whatsapp will then inform you to check your SMS inbox for your verification code. Even though it is normally a simple method to skip manually typing in a confirmation code, prevent WhatsApp from doing just that. The reason for this is that the SMS will head straight to your Google Voice number and not your phone’s text inbox, WhatsApp will find it difficult to detect the code from within your device. Instead, tap “Not Now” to send the code. As soon as you get the code inside your alternate inbox, type in the six digits. Your phone will automatically be verified. You will then have to input a name for your WhatsApp account that can be changed later as long as it is not a username, as soon as this is finished, you will be able to view your new inbox.

Even as you use your alternate phone number, you can still see your contacts on your phone. But you must be aware that they will not be able to view your name in your account unless you give them your alternate number or you begin to reach out to them via the service. When you get to this stage, you can start messaging the user who got you blocked via this alternate number.

Please, be aware that as soon as the user notices that you’re reaching out via a new account, you might get blocked again. So tread carefully.

Group Messaging

The final remedy we have for those in this situation is via the use of group messages on WhatsApp. This can pass as the most preferable option because it is impossible to block someone who is contacting you in a group message. It feels like an error from Whatsapp, but you can use it to your benefit right now before it changes in future.

To partake in this, you’ll require a tight friend that is ready to start a group chat that will involve you and the person that blocked you. Once you are in the group chat, messaging the blocker becomes possible. The blocker can request to exit the group from the administrator, and can also disable notifications from the group chat, but as soon they find themselves in the communication, they are kind of stuck.

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