HomeBrace up! The Infinix Zero 4 Edge is coming; Expected Specifications and Pictures

Brace up! The Infinix Zero 4 Edge is coming; Expected Specifications and Pictures

Infinix Zero 4 edge expected specs, and features

Infinix Zero 4 edge

On the very first day of the month of April, Infinix Mobility co-founder and managing director, Benjamin Jiang, announced the coming of the Infinix Zero 4 Edge. A project he said himself and the entire Infinix team are all excited about. The Infinix Zero 4 is still very much a hot cake in the smartphone market at the moment.

According to rumours making rounds, Infinix Mobility is said to be going premium. The smartphone company plans to step up its game. The mobile brand is said to be producing devices that will go toe-to-toe with smartphones from giants like Samsung, Sony, LG and what have you. This device, the Infinix Zero 4 edge again is said to be the next flagship device from Infinix.

However, with news about the Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus, one would begin to doubt if the Zero 4 edge will be the company’s next flagship. Well, only time can (and would) solve that mystery.

The Infinix Zero 4 Edge will debut some features that aren’t present on any Infinix device. The specs are mind-blowing, so I heard. The device will come with 5.7-inch Super AMOLED Display with 2k resolution.

To me, I think Android 8.0 Oreo, 4GB & 6GB64GB ROMMediaTek helio x20 deca-core processorHelio X27 Chipset, and a new type of fast-charge technology defines mind-blowing.

 NOTE – The specifications below were collated based on rumour, speculations and available information. We will however provide confirmed specifications and features of the device ass soon as we lay hands on official information.

Infinix Zero 4 Edge Expected Specifications

OS – Android 8.0 Oreo

Display – 2K display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Screen Size – 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display

Processor – Helio X25 Chipset

RAM – 4GB and 6GB variant

ROM – 64GB (expandable up to 256GB)

Rear Camera – 16MP

Front – 16MP

Battery – N/A

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11 thoughts on “Brace up! The Infinix Zero 4 Edge is coming; Expected Specifications and Pictures”

  1. Comment: this new infinix zero 4 edge is really stunning. I’ve tried using so many kinds of infinix product and I must commend them for the great improvement so far, I can’t just wait to have this new beast., Pls can someone tell me the launching date?

  2. what is the exchange rate in Naira? i would like to get one, On a more serious note, the note is lovely. i can resist the effect and colour…

  3. I love Infinix phones but this one seems to be wow i really want to advance from Zero 3 to Zero 4 Edge

  4. Wow! Infinix are really strong up for the game by producing super excellent smartphone! Mehn this Infinix Note 4 is a real Beast! Infinix actually finished work on this Infinix Zero 4 edge! Nice one from Infinix

  5. The pictures already blew me away! For a moment, It had me open my mouth wide. I was just looking with a fixed gaze on the beauty of the design. Infinix is so close on the heels of its predecessors like Samsung. This device is going to make people go crazy! But I noticed they’ve moved the speakers from its usual position. And I’m sure the battery would be around 6000mAh. Wow! Transsions is really taking big strides this year. I noticed some changes they’ve made in their recent itel phones, too. The latest one comes with 3GB RAM and some cutting-edge design, making it very appealing.
    I just can’t wait to see what this will look like in reality.
    Thank you for this info.

  6. When actually will the Zero 4 edge come, I ve sold me note 3, and i need to buy a new phone so I decided to wait for the zero 4 edge. Please I only want to know when it would be available so I will knw what to do because I seriously need to have that phone. Thank you

  7. I can’t wait to have the infinix zero 4 edge is getting me crazy wow, I’m getting my self ready for that already, when it comes out I will buy it that month oh. Blast!!! Hope its gonna be water resistance oh, and the came should be clearer than the zero 4 plus. Please.


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