How to Install the new iOS 11.1 emoji on your jailbroken iOS device

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Tech Guide

I can’t count the number of times I have wanted to send an emoji on my jailbroken iPhone only to find out it is not available. The new iOS 11.2 comes with a couple of new and exciting emoji additions.

If you want to get that new emojis on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will be talking about how to get the iOS 11.1 emoji on your jailbroken iOS device.

If your device runs a jailbroken iOS 9 or iOS 10, then I guess you will want to send this new emojis and also keep your jailbroken iOS. Well, you can. Below is a guide to walk you through the most stable method which you can use to get the emojis on your jailbroken firmware.

You can use this method with ease on iOS 5.1-10.2, but there are some differences between the firmware. This guide is going to focus on iOS 10.0-10.2. If you are on iOS 9, differences will be indicated in the guide for you to follow.


Below is a list of requirements you need before you proceed in this guide.

  • Poomsmart’s Cydia repository on your jailbroken device
  • A copy of the iOS 11.1 beta 2/macOS 10.13.1 beta 2 emoji file

Now, let’s get the new iOS 11.1 emoji onto your device!

  1. So if you do not already have it, you can go on to Cydia and then launch this repo. The repo belongs to emoji-whizz developer Poomsmart. It hosts all the packages which are required to allow our device recognize the layout and properties of the newer emoji keyboard.
  2. Next, uninstall other emoji theming solutions on your iOS devices. These include Anemone, Bytafont, and EmojiFontManager. Also, remember to revert to the stock emoji before you uninstall them.
  3. Now, transfer the emoji font file to your device using any method you wish. As a clue, you can use AirDrop, email, SSH, and so on. The easiest way, however, is to get it directly from Poomsmart.
    • For iOS 10.2 and newer, you should use this one.
    • For iOS 10.2 and newer, you should use this one. For iOS 9.3.3 and older, you should use this one.
  4. You can also find it at /System/Library/Fonts/Apple Color Emoji.ttc on any Mac running macOS 10.13.1 b2 or later. You can also get it from other sources online where other users have uploaded it.
  5. Next, open Cydia on your iOS device and install the following packages.
    • EmojiPort (iOS 10)
    • EmojiAttributes
    • EmojiLibrary
    • Filza File Manager
  6. If you are on iOS 9, you should install EmojiPort (iOS 9.0-9.3) instead of the EmojiPort iOS 10 above. If you are on iOS 9-9.1, you should also add EmojiResources and EmojiLocalization too.
  7. Next, launch Filza and then move the iOS 11.1 emoji font file from wherever you saved it to /System/Library/Fonts/Core.
  8. Tap and hold on the original fonts file in the folder to select it. You will find one or two files named AppleColorEmoji…
  9. Tap on the create ZIP option to compress a backup. The backup is created just in case we want to revert later.You can see my iOS 11.1 files below right next to the original files.
  10. As soon as the backup has been made, delete the original emoji font file(s). You will replace it later on with our iOS 11.1 version.
  11. Now, you need to make sure that the iOS 11.1 font file is in the folder. If you zipped it up before you moved it, you should unzip it now and move it out of the folder it was zipped in.
  12. Now you should rename the file to the exactly the name of the file you deleted above.
  13. However, make sure that you do not change the file extension.The name of the file may vary from device to device. On the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, it had to be named AppleColorEmoji @ 2x.ttc, just as the original ones were. Your device may or may not have “@2x” in its filename. This depends on your display resolution. If the name you renamed it to isn’t identical to the original, the emojis won’t work.
  14. After you have put everything in place, respring your device.
  15. Now, go over to any messaging app and switch to the emoji keyboard. In some cases, you might need to force restart the app for it to get the new emojis. Look through the emoji for new emojis. If you find them then you are all done!

How To Revert Back to Stock Emojis

Well, if you want your stock emojis back, you can get them by following the steps below.

  1. Go to /System/Library/Fonts/Core on your device.
  2. Once there, remove the iOS 11.1 font file from there.
  3. Unzip the original fonts file which I asked you to zip above.
  4. Once the original files have been unzipped, delete the
  5. Next, uninstall all of the packages below if you have them on Cydia.
    • EmojiPort (iOS 10)
    • EmojiPort (iOS 9.0-9.3)
    • EmojiAttributes
    • EmojiLibrary
    • EmojiLocalization
    • EmojiResources
  6. Go to any messaging app to confirm that your stock emojis have been restored.
    That is it! You are all good to go.


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