How To Stop “Application Not Installed” On Your Android Device

Last two weeks, I collected GTA from a friend and to my greatest surprise, I got this stupid message telling me that “Application Not Installed”. I Was like WTF? I almost break my phone, do you know why? It because the file was huge and it took a lot of my precious time.

I became very clueless; different questions begin to run through my mind, what most have happened? Ok, I decided to delete the file and re – send it. But at the end, it was still the same thing. Well for the past one week I have been looking into the cause of this problem, and I have finally gotten the answer.

We will be discussing reasons why you always get “Application Not Installed” and how you can fix this problem quickly.

Why did I Get Application Not Installed?

There are numerous causes why you always get this crazy error. While researching I realised that if you’re downloading from different websites apart from (Google play store), you are likely to get this error, do you know why you have play store? It actually because of it the safest place to download any app.

The second reason could be that the file you are downloading is corrupted or it not suitable for your phone or it might be from the App developer, some App developer do skip some vital codes when coding some App.

This is a list why you might get error;


  1. The App Is very Poor – Just as I said earlier that it could be because some vital codes were omitted, making the Application very poor for your Andriod Phone.
  2. You didn’t enable Installation from other websites – if you mistakenly disable installation from other sites then the Applications won’t work. The only Application that will work is from (Google Play) only.
  3. Lack of sufficient Storage Space –  this is the exact problem I had, as you all know that ignorance is a disease. If I had knew earlier, I wouldn’t have deleted the App and re-send it. So the point is, make sure you have enough space on your phone.
  4. The App Is Not Suitable for your Android Version – Some applications are coded for higher devices only. So if you’r trying to install them on your phone it won’t work.

Some preventive measure To stop this Error

These is a list of what you should do whenever you get this error :

  1. Set application installation location to Automatic mode.
  2. Enable installation of apps from unknown web. Go toSettings >> Security >> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. Switch off and Switch On your phone – sometimes the phone just need a reboot to come back to it normal state.
  4. Delete some Files to get more space – uninstall the apps that you’re not using to have more space on your device.
  5. Make sure your SD card is intact.


We hope this list was helpful. Thanks.

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