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iPad Pro 2023, new clues to the presence of Face ID and Animoji

Apple is preparing to launch a new series of iPad Pro equipped with TrueDepth Camera and Face ID biometric authentication system. This rumor has emerged several times over the last few months, and many expected to see these new iPads already during the last WWDC 2018 at the beginning of June, however it seems that we should wait for the September event to find out something new about it.

Today, however, further confirmations regarding the presence of the TrueDepth Camera and of the Animoji come also on the next iPad Pro. The source is a developer – Steve Troughton-Smith  – who found an AvatarKit adapted to the iPad display within the iOS 12 beta code. As the developer himself points out in his Twitter post, a TrueDepth Camera, originally introduced on iPhone X, is required to use AvatarKit.

It seems therefore that at least this detail is now confirmed and that the next iPad Pro will actually adopt the same hardware present on the iPhone X. The other rumors suggest edges much thinner  – reduced thanks to the removal of the physical button – and the possible presence of an Apple SoC A12X instead of the expected A11X, which would come on the market too late.

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