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“iPhone SE 2 is more expensive and comes without a notch”

Although the Apple highlight on the smartphone market will be the new iPhones at the end of the year, there is of course also an iPhone SE 2 that should be unveiled very soon. According to all sorts of rumors and leaks with screen protectors, the device would also come with the famous iPhone X notch. New info, however, indicates that such a thing is nonsense and that only the inside comes with some improvements.

No notch on iPhone SE 2

This information comes from a source within the Apple supply chain. Of course, it can be a nonsense story and we know it as always only 100 percent sure when Apple says something about it. However, it sounds plausible that the iPhone SE 2 would not come with a notch. The SE line is the cheaper line and Face ID would make the device a lot more expensive, so the high price would make the device a bit redundant in the line-up.

More expensive than the iPhone SE

Although the device is not as expensive as the new iPhone X, the price would still be higher than the current price of the iPhone SE. That is also somewhat logical since the iPhone SE is now no longer as expensive as when it was released. The device appeared on the market for 424 euros and you can now buy for around 300 euros. It is only logical that the iPhone SE 2 at least the old price of the iPhone SE gets and nowadays it is the trend that devices still a bit more expensive than their predecessors.

Unveiling during WWDC 2018

It is expected that Apple will announce the device during the annual WWDC conference, which will start tomorrow. The iPhone SE 2 would not be released long after that and would be the first iPhone of 2018 in the store.

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