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iPhone X should only gain digital reader under the screen and new look in 2023, says Forbes

Apple announced last year the iPhone X, which is a very interesting smartphone and has several new features compared to the older models of the company. It was expected to be the first also to have a fingerprint reader under the screen, which did not happen. Now rumours indicate that this feature will only hit iPhones next year.

According to Forbes magazine analysts, the biggest changes to the iPhone X line will happen only in 2023. In that year Apple’s top-of-the-line handset will arrive with a lower top edge than today’s view, yet with the mission to accommodate the Face ID and other sensors, plus the front camera and speaker. But the best news will be the adoption of a fingerprint reader under the screen, as well as the one made by Vivo with the X20 Plus UD.

It is also believed that most of the technologies that will be implemented next year on the iPhone X are ready. However, Apple will not use them in the model this year because it wants to make a big release in 2023. In this way, it will choose to make only a few changes in 2023, such as the launch of a larger version of the iPhone X, with a screen of 6.2 inches.

It is also worth noting that Apple recently unveiled the sales data for iPhones, showing a really impressive fiscal quarter with $ 88 billion in direct sales and $ 20 billion, in direct conversion) of profit. In an official statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook also said that “iPhone X exceeded expectations and was the best-selling iPhone every week since its launch in November.”

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