With LawStrive, the legal needs of Nigerians are taken care of

To be fair, I’d say that in Nigeria, one of the minute problems we face is acquiring the service of a lawyer, which is particularly the case for the average citizen. Getting the service of a Lawyer seems to a layman as a herculean task to do, but LawStrive wants to put that to an end.

What exactly is LawStrive about?

It serves as a platform that provides Nigerians with access to legal services. The services in this case range from getting legal advice, or hiring the services of a trained lawyer at the different points in time when the need for legal services arises.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity for Law firms to project themselves to the world, as presently, most of them appear to be inaccessible which might not be too good for business.

LawStrive to meet all your legal needs

The concept of LawStrive?

The platform brings three major services together, which includes LawStrive Advice, LawStrive Spotlight and LawStrive Hire. This is in a bid to achieve its vision of becoming the answer board for all legal matters that affects citizens.

LawStrive Advice:  Here, you get unfiltered access to instant Legal Advice from qualified lawyers, while also being able to browse answers tailored to each legal category.

LawStrive Spotlight – helps you with access to news, events and happenings in the legal sector of the country.

LawStrive Hire – allows you, as a user to post a job and get qualified lawyers, who in turn send a proposal and their cost, giving users the ability to make a comparison.

To be candid, I must laud their creativity when it came to those three services they offer. They were able to bring three different sets of people together who are potential customers and serve them something worthwhile.

The platform was launched in November 2016 by Samuel Olabamiji.

My thoughts?

Many people in Nigeria surely live below reasonable means and are unaware of most of these legal proceedings and orientation, talk less of hiring legal practitioners, which translates the limited engagements when law related matters are brought up.

Realistically, the country could be said to have a very small respect for the rule of law, which would lead me to suggest what this platform could do to change that.

Contents coming from the startup should now tend to focus on enlightening matters on what is important they can sue, and be sued. People should know why their rights shouldn’t be trampled on, and if it is, why the trampler should pay and justice should be served. This is when LawStrive should be patronised.

On a side note, isn’t it good how technology is providing an answer, and way out to many problems in the society? What are your thoughts about LawStrive?

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