Trend of this year? LG patent shows a foldable tablet

Like other mobile giants, South Korea’s number two electronics maker also has plans with its own piece of device that we can fold or lay down as a piece of paper. This is the way we should look at our smartphones in the near future. Or tablets?

Everything depends only on our needs – if you need something that looks good for your movies, you just spread the phone to a tablet device with a much larger diagonal. Of course, something special like that requires a special type of display panel without classical glass.

Samsung has already shown us theirs. A fresh patent, where everything rotates around the flexible construction is without any doubt.

Two versions

According to TheVergeit is a hybrid electronic device with a flexible touch screen displaying up to two different kinds. As can be seen from the simplified sketches, it has a large and a small panel, which when folded into a more compact shape serves to display useful information such as time, weather or notifications.

The second device is similar to the layout, but when we put it down, it’ll show you a small piece of display to see a similar type of information. However, we will get to know more about its specifications and build when it is fully unveiled, but we currently do not know when, we are still talking about the simple theory on paper.

What is your take on this device?

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