Lyrics Speaker Canvas, the Bluetooth speaker that will serve as Karaoke


Every time we have more wireless speakers with functions that allow us to get the most out of it. We have devices that allow us to use them in the shower, speakers that include a wireless charging base… And now, we bring you a Bluetooth speaker that will surprise you. We are talking about the Lyrics Speaker Canvas, a wireless speaker surprising on its screen to see the lyrics of the songs you play.

Behind this product of the highest quality is the Japanese firm COTODAMA, a manufacturer that has been in the audio sector for years. But he knows that in this sector it is necessary to renew, so he has in his catalog with the Lyric Speaker Canvas, a Bluetooth speaker that stands out for enjoying a superb sound quality, in addition to being able to see the lyrics of the song while playing the music.

Such is the quality of its solutions, which has partnered with the luxury brand Saint Laurent to launch a limited edition of its impressive wireless speaker. But how does the Lyric Speaker Canvas Bluetooth speaker work?

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Details of the COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Canvas Bluetooth speaker

For starters, this model has aluminum finishes, to offer a really premium look. On the back, we have a powerful speaker, while on the front is where the screen that shows the lyrics of the songs is located.

Separated into two pieces, the idea is to simulate the case of a vinyl record coming out. Of course, we speak of a quite large Bluetooth speaker- it reaches 48 centimeters high, in addition to 38 centimeters long. When you start playing any song, its front panel is linked to different databases, in order to find the lyrics of the song. Then, you will see the lyrics at the same rhythm of the song.

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Luxury design, high sound and the ability to sing your favorite songs

And not only that, but it is also able to detect the type of music, to offer a cheerful or sentimentalist animation. In this way, we can see the lyrics dancing to the sound of the most cheerful pop music, or swing gently before a slow ballad. The Lyric Speaker Canvas Bluetooth speaker can’t find the song? Quiet, the COTODAMA guys have taken it into account- you can enjoy abstract animations that move to the rhythm of the music.

To achieve this, the speaker will be linked through WiFi, being able to work with Spotify, Google Cast, Wi-Fi, Amazon Music, and even YouTube Music. Of course, we talk about a product of the highest range and its price is not available to all budgets- the conventional model of the COTODAMA Bluetooth speaker Lyric Speaker is around 1,500 euros ($1,900).

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