Microsoft Announces Latest Surface Computers in October

Microsoft is set to announce its latest surface device at the end of October. The company is expected to use its annual event in London in late October to announce the latest products it has been developing.

The month of October is one of Microsoft’s distinguished months that the company is using to announce its latest Surface products. Microsoft has released or unveiled updates to its Surface lineup of laptops, tablets, and PCs every October for the last several years. Some sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the conference will see at least one new product announced by the company.

Microsoft Surface Book

Chief Panos Panay, the company’s representative of Microsoft surface hardware, said the company would announce the new version of the Surface Pro. Also, the company won’t be releasing the Surface Phone.

8GB RAM smartphonesThat means 2017 will mark the second year in a row that Microsoft has failed to release a new mobile device. In the absence of new hardware, the company’s phone business has collapsed.

Microsoft has promised its users that it will announce a new version of its Surface Pro soon, so most expectations at that the London conference will see the release of this new surface computer, especially as the company seeks to control the market during the holidays.

The Surface Pro is one of Microsoft’s classic devices, the first which was released in 2015 alongside the Surface Book. The Surface Pro developed a simple development in 2016, which is likely to be the new product to be highlighted. During the global event in October.

The source added that the Surface version, which will be announced by Microsoft, could also be a new version, not just an updated version of one of the previous surface devices, except that the announcement at the London conference on the latest versions of Surface Studio Ai.

The sources did not mention the quality of the products to be announced by the global company during its annual conference in London, which will be held this year on October 31 and continues until November 1. Among the products expected to be announced by Microsoft is the Windows 10 operating system powered by a Snapdragon processor.

Microsoft used to unveil surface versions every October in New York City, so if the London conference did not see a surface device release, then new device would probably not be announced this year so users would wait a little longer before they get a new version of those computers.

Microsoft is currently working with several major technology companies such as Qualcomm and other companies such as Lenovo, HP and Asus to develop their products and give them the highest level of LTE development and a longer life with greater capacity to operate nonstop.

More speculation and conflicting statements are expected in the coming days to try to find out what new devices Microsoft will announce during its two days conference. Meanwhile, the company is yet to issue any official statement revealing its intent during the London conference or responding to the speculation that has begun to spread over the past weeks about the new devices and updates to be announced. Surface device users around the world are now waiting for the speech by Panos Panay on 31 October.

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