Monster Hunter World for PC requires a very powerful processor

Monster Hunter World is one of the most anticipated games for PC players this year 2018, the game has already been a success to sell more than eight million copies on both PS4 and Xbox One before its arrival on the platform; queen; PC.

Monster Hunter World for PC World will be especially demanding with your processor, all the details

The PC version will be released on August 9, although the first players have already published a lot of detailed information about the game, confirming that the title lacks support for an ultra panoramic screen, has a limited FPS, and has textures to the pair with the versions for the consoles of the game.

The first reports have affirmed that Monster Hunter World will be extremely demanding in PC, especially in the section of the CPU. William Yagi-Bacon, vice president of digital platforms at Capcom USA, has stated that Monster Hunter World loads entire levels in memory to eliminate charge during gameplay while tracking monsters, collision detection, physical simulations and other Background charges to offer a world without interruptions. Logically, all this has a high price to pay in CPU resource consumption.

Its MT Framework engine is designed to distribute CPU cycles on all available cores, making it well suited to modern Coffee Lake and Ryzen processors, as well as to existing PS4 and Xbox One consoles that have 8 cores. Users of modern processors with a high number of cores will have a pleasant experience, but those with four or fewer cores could have serious performance problems.

The PC version of Monster Hunter World is coming soon.

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