{Deal} OUKITEL A18 Smartband Review – An affordable smartwatch alternative


OUKITEL A18 Smartband Review

The wearable technology has witnessed a massive upsurge and wide acceptance over the past 5 years. Smartwatches are now almost everywhere. And give it about​ 2 to 3 more years, I’m very positive it (smartwatches) will reach the level where smartphones are right now – common and used by everyone.

Another wearable that’s​ making tiny and budding waves is the “Smartband”. Smartbands are the next big thing of the wearable world. Small, resourceful, smart and affordable. More than just a utility.

As a part of our delve into Smartbands exploration, as well as its relative importance, we will be reviewing the OUKITEL A18 Smartband.



Oukitel A18 smartband

I know I should begin with some dimensions and all that. But I’d love to start with one feature I find most fascinating about to OUKITEL A18 Smartband – its weight! The A18 smartband is super light. On paper, it weighs 25 grams and I wonder how OUKITEL achieved this despite the band length and dial size.

The A18 smartband also has a wide range of function it can carry out. So, at 250 grams, and taking some other properties of the smartband into consideration, it really is very lightweight.

Moving on to dimensions, the total length of the OUKITEL A18​ smartband is 22cm. The 2.2cm width size also shows how small the smartband is. Out of the 22cm total length and 2.2cm width, the dial takes a 5cm by 2 cm cut at the center of the smartband.

Oukitel A18

The band has 9 holes which holds the smartband tight to the wrist and ensures wearability by all individuals irrespective of their wrist size. The band is made of silicone and available in various​ colours including black, blue and laterite.


The Dial of the OUKITEL A18 smartband has rather small but legible OLED screen. The screen is sized at 0.91-inch with a 128 x 32 resolution. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen which is very crisp in display and very responsive to touch.


OUKITEL A18 smartband

The OUKITEL A18 smartband is powered by a built-in waterproof Nordic 51822 chip type. Additionally, the A18 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which serves as a means of integration with your Android and iOS devices.

OUKITEL A18 smartband

The OUKITEL A18 smartband is IP67 waterproof certified. This means you can carry your smartband in all kinds of water – swim comfortably without fear of smartband spoilage in your home pool or even at the beach.


The OUKITEL A18 smartband has one of the best battery you can find on a smartband. The battery capacity of the A18 is 120mAH which takes about 90 minutes to get a full charge. Yes, I know you think that is too much time to charge such tiny battery but knowing that a full charge can give up to 20 days of usage should change such thought.


OUKITEL A18 smartband

The OUKITEL A18 smartband has broad spectrum of functions; some of which include:

Phone call via Bluetooth

Message reminder

Alarm clock

Some health related functions include:

OUKITEL A18 smartband

Heartrate monitor


Sedentary monitor

Sleep monitor

OUKITEL A18 smartband


The OUKITEL A18 smartband is a one-of-a-kind smartband. Asides it basic time telling function, it has other highlight capabilities like alarm clock, pedometer​, heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. It is a complete fitness package. Did I also mention that it goes for at most $19? Yes, it is that affordable.

Where to buy the Oukitel A18 Smartband

On GearBest, the Oukitel A18 smartband is available at a reasonably affordable and discounted price tag. For only $16, you can buy the smartband in Black, Blue or Laterite colours.
Buy the Oukitel A18 Smartband on GearBest for $16 (N5,700)



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