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Lenovo HW02 Smartband Review – More than a smartband!


Lenovo have finally released the much awaited masterpiece smartband, the Lenovo HW02 that has been in the news for a while now. The Lenovo HW02 smartband is an ultra-efficient smartband that comprises of a whole lot of fascinating and rich functionalities that you do not get to see on the regular everyday smartband. Asides the features, Lenovo fixed the price of the HW02 smartband at a very affordable and reasonable number of dollars.

Let’s take a look at the features and capabilities of this amazing smartband.


Lenovo HW02 smartband
Build material and design

The Lenovo HW20 smartband is made of a smooth and skin friendly TPU plastic material together with a little metal touch (which serves as the smartband buckle) at the tip of one end of the band. The band has a total length of 22cm while its width is 1.5cm which is enough band length to cover any hand size. With the HW02, there’s no worry about a smartband being too heavy for the hands and it weighs only a tiny 25grams.

Lenovo HW02
Lenovo HW02 smartband metal buckle

The smartband comes in three different colour variants; orange, black and blue. Of particular interest is the waterproof natures of this smartband. The HW02 has a waterproof IP67 metallic buckle.

Lenovo HW02 smartband
Lenovo HW02 smartband – Orange, Blue and Black colour

The color available for the watch includes orange, black and blue. The waterproof IP67 level makes the smartband suitable for usage in outdoor situations like during the rain, to the pool or even underwater.


The dial houses the touch display of the Lenovo HW02 smartband. The dial houses the scratch resistant screen which has an impressive resolution of 40 x 72 pixels. With the Lenovo HW02, you can use and operate the smartband outdoor without straining your eye. The display and colour quality and reproduction of the screen is top-notch. The OLED screen is sized 0.42 inch and has a perfect touch key mode for controlling and navigating the screen.


As earlier stated, the Lenovo HW02 smartband has a tonne of unique features.

Heartrate monitor

The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate is embedded at the back of the smartband and it comes with 512k memory.

On the HW02 smartband, as soon as the heart of the user reaches a threshold, the smartband pops up a notification to alert the user.

Sleep monitor

Imagine you are at work on a particular afternoon where you have a lot of work to do and you suddenly become fatigued and start to doze off. Also, imagine you are driving after a long day of work and your eyelids play a fast one on you by closing up while behind the wheels. This is where the Lenovo HW02 smartband comes in. It alerts you using a custom notification whenever you are dozing off when and where you are not supposed to.

Never Sleep Mode – Doze off alert

There is also a pedometer, sedentary reminder, calorie counter and motion tracking, missed calls and SMS reminder.

SMS and Call reminder

With the Lenovo HW02 smartband, you can now easily find your mobile phone by just touching the band; as long as it is synced with your phone.


The smartband in review has an impressive battery life. quite impressive. The battery capacity is 60mAh  which the manufacturer asserts to have a standby time of 15 days. The battery charges for a relatively long period though as it takes It takes about 2 hours for the smartband to get fully charged to 100% from 0%.


The Lenovo HW02 smartband is affordable. The band costs between $35 and $40 depending on the retail outlet and regional location.

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