Phone radiation is not a risk to humans, new studies claim

Two new studies have now shown that phone radiation does not pose a health hazard to people. Tests were performed on mice and rats exposed to cellular radiation. Mice and rat females were all right, some rare rats showed a rare cancer of the heart. The good news is, however, that people have not revealed any reason why people should be worrying about brain tumors when using their mobile phones frequently.

Phone radiation and cancer have minimal connectivity, scientists say

Head physician Otis Brawley pointed out that rodent tests do not really reflect the use of phones in humans and he added. People are exposed to this radiation far less than rodents. He also said that  phone radiation and cancer had minimal connectivity . However, if you are afraid that phones are causing cancer, the doctor recommends using headphones for calls , making the radiation from your phone not reach the head.

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The research itself took place for two years when mice and rats were exposed to radiation from their phones every day for nine hours . John Bucher, lead author of the study, said that the radiation that rodents were exposed to was less likelyto hit people in real life . This is basically only when the mobile phone receives a weak signal and uses more power to find a stronger connection.

The FDA has spent $ 25 million on studies. She then said that the use of mobile phones is safe. Dr. Jeffrey Shuren added that the current safety standards for mobile phones are sufficient . The irony in one research was that rats and mice exposed to mobile phone radiation lived longer than a group of rodents that had normal conditions for life.

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