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PlayStation 4 – The 10 best selling games

Certainly a memorable year for gamers (and games), PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC. Finally, after much anticipation, we can celebrate a magnificent masterpiece.

Undeniably, a lot is due to Sony’s exclusive, where we have authentic powerhouses with legions of fans!

There is no better time this year to look at the best-selling games, and PlayStation has unveiled all the games on the platform that topped the chart this past year. However, these figures only take into account the games sold on the PS Store.

Here you have the list of 10 best selling games for PlayStation 4 registered on PlayStation Store

It is likely that some of the names on this list are expected. However, it is worth noting that your (potential) favorite does not occupy the place you would most expect. However, keep in mind that the competition is tremendous; any of these could occupy the 1st position.

10. The Last of Us Remastered

Undeniably, one of the best games of modern times! The journey of Joel and Ellie has no time of annoyance, always involving you in a mixture of worry, fear, and caution. A success story, with a sequel at the door. Especially, that is of equal quality … or even better!

9. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac Games alone already has an eye-popping resume. So, as soon as we learned that the next project was related to Amazing Spider-Man, this would hardly be a scolding! Incidentally, with a solid history and gameplay and eye-popping graphics, the game was a tremendous success!

8. NBA 2K19

Maybe you were not expecting to see an NBA game in the top-selling games. Honestly, neither do I … Still for more with the flood of negative reviews that the game has raised. It does not seem to be enough reason to prevent the most fanatical fans for this sport from acquiring it!

7. God of War

First of all, I present you the winner of the God of War Game of the Year award. Even if it was a reboot, the final result shows how a series should evolve, redefining itself, maintaining its essence. So we have the (good) gameplay of Kratos, the (good) story with Gods in the mix, all in an intrinsic, quality package!

6. Spyro- Reignited Trilogy

Surprisingly (or not), we have a Sony “mascot” in the list. However, Activision (Satan …) deserves credit in this. The return of Crash showed that there is affection for the games of platforms, which led to the resurgence of Spyro. Although nothing hits the original, the remastering of the original trilogy was very well done, congratulations to Toys for Bob!

Let’s go halfway, take heart!

5. FIFA 19

The prodigal son of EA … FIFA. It is normal for the “farm animal” to mark his presence. In fact, it would be strange if it were not so. However, it is a fact, if before there was pure competition between FIFA and PES, we currently have a more ” one-sided ” battle. Konami bowed out, and Electronic Arts did not hesitate …

4. Battlefield V

However, here’s another EA title. Although more a World War II theme, BFV offers Battlefield-style gameplay with chaotic scenarios and a multiplayer component enjoyed by many. However, I’m sorry they tried to capitalize on Battle Royale with this title …

3. Fallout 76

However, we have reached the bronze medal. Of course, one of the most anticipated games this year, Fallout 76 had a tremendous hype behind its back. However, according to the fans, it seems that the weight proved to be too much for Bethesda, from which stand out several controversies, such as the “nylon bag”. However, fan loyalty is big enough to take them to Top 3.

2. Call of Duty- Black Ops 4

So you can stop wondering xD because Call of Duty is on the list! Eventually, the great rival of Battlefield would have its place in the top of the best sellers. Despite all the hate sometimes shown by fans, it seems that the franchise is about to stay for a long time; with its typical gameplay to CoD, has become somewhat of a standard in the industry.

And the winner is …


Undeniably one of the most sought after sequels of recent years. Of course, we are talking about Red Dead Redemption 2, a complete sales success for Rockstar. So there is no way to counter the mastery that the team behind the thunderous success that is the GTA series has in creating open-worlds. Like the captivating story behind its protagonist, joining all these points we have a product that seeks to offer an experience unattainable by others!

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